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Rajab Supplication- "Yaa Man Arjoho Le Kulle Khair"

The following supplication is recommended after the daily obligatory prayers in the month of Rajab. The supplication, according to Shaykh `Abbas Qummi in Mafateehul Jinaan has been taught by Imam Ja`far as-Sadiq (a.s.). Sayyid Ibn Tawus has narrated that Muhammad ibn Dhakwan—known as ‘al-Sajjad’ due to his remarkable, long prostration during which he used to weep so heavily that he lost his sight—asked Imam Ja`far al-Sadiq (a.s), saying, “May Allah accept me as ransom for you! We are now in Rajab; please teach me a supplication due to which Almighty Allah may help me.” Hence, the Imam (a.s) asked him to write down the following dua:

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

O Allah, bless Muhammad and his household.
O He from whom I can hope for all goodness And I am safe from His anger at every evil.
O He who gives a lot in exchange of a little.
O He who gives to one who asks Him.
O He who gives to one who does not ask Him and does not know Him,
Out of His affection and mercy.

Give me, for my request is only to You alone, All the good of this world and all the good of the Hereafter.

Keep away from me, for my request is only to You alone, All the evil of this world and the evil of the Hereafter. For indeed it is not diminishing what is given by You. Increase (for) me from Your bounty, O The Generous.

(Then the 6th Imam held his beard in his left hand and gave a movement to the index finger in his right hand saying :)

O The Sublime and The Distinguished,
O The Bountiful and The Magnanimous,
O the Gracious and the Mighty,
Save my grey hairs of the beard from the fire (of Hell).

Common mistakes while reciting the above dua'a:

The dua (yaa man arjoohu li kulli khayr) is commonly recited after prayers during this month. Many people have unknowingly misinterpreted the tradition accompanying the dua and make these common mistakes:

- The tradition says to hold your beard in your left hand while moving the index finger of your right hand. It doesn't say to move your hand or your arm. Swinging your arm around left and right doesn’t fit with what the tradition says. Instead, keep your arm and hand steady and still and move only your pointing finger back and forth.

- The narration actually says that the Imam (a.s.) held his beard and moved his finger throughout the whole dua, not just the part that begins with (ya dhal jalaali wal ikraam). This can be proven by carefully examining the whole tradition.

- Women are exempted from the accompany rites and can simply recite the dua while lifting their hands towards the sky as is typical when asking from Allah.

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