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Ali's patience
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Ali's patience

 Even at this juncture the Lion of God abided with the will of the Holy Prophet and like a helpless one, kept quiet without any resistance or retaliation which, if he had only willed to resort, would have played havoc with the insurgents.

In short, if the valour and prowess of Ali during the time of the Holy Prophet in the establishment of Islam and its propagation was a wonder, his patience and forbearance and fortitude which he exercised against all the atrocities from even the cowards among the people, was no less a surprise and a wonder.

The point quite obvious in this regard is that to Ali the first concern was the safety, security and the maintenance of the faith and not the owning of any fortune through any temporal power, though the right to be the temporal leader as well, besides being the spiritual guide, in the place of the Holy Prophet, was of none but his, which fact is unanimously acknowledged and openly declared even by his antagonists.

Ali arrested

However when the crowd shouted to Ali to come out, and even the door of his abode had fallen on the side of his wife the Holy Lady Fatema, throwing her down unconscious and seriously hurt, Ali came out. He was tied by a rope round his neck and the world witnessed the unbelievable sight of Ali the Lion of God, the Conqueror of Khaiber, the Victor against the giant warriors of Arabia, Omar ibne Abda'ood and Marhab, being dragged by the people to the court of the Caliphate. It is to this extent that Ali fulfilled his promise of patience, to the Holy Prophet.

The Holy Prophet had predicted to Ali saying: "Others will be preferred to thee when they will not be in their own rights. Resign thyself to it until thou reach me at the Spring (Kauthar)". (S.M.)

* Husain The Saviour of Islam, by S.V. Mir Ahmad Ali.

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