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Importance of Mosques

Verses of Quran about mosques:

A place of worship which was found upon duty (to Allah) from the first day is more worthy that you should stand (to pray) therein, wherein are men who love to purify themselves. Allah loves the purifiers. Is he who founded his building upon duty to Allah and His good pleasure better; or he who founded his building on the brink of a crumbling, overhanging precipice so that it toppled with him into the fire of hell? Allah guides not wrongdoing folk. 9/108

The description of these people:

(Triumphant) are those who turn repentant (to Allah), those who serve (Him), those who praise (Him), those who fast, those who bow down, those who fall prostrate (in worship), those who enjoin the right and who forbid the wrong and those who keep the limits (ordained) of Allah - And give glad tidings to believers! 9/110

He only shall tend Allah's sanctuaries who believes in Allah and the Last Day and observes proper worship and pays the poor-due and fears none save Allah. For such (only) is it possible that they can be of the rightly guided. 9/18

Why have we been ordered to respect mosques?

It has been narrated by Abu Baseer that Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (as) has been asked about the reason for glorifying mosques. Imam responded that "It has been truly ordered to glorify mosques as they are the houses of Allah in Earth".

Therefore, it has been related that Imam Ali (as) has stated that "setting in mosque is better for me than setting in the heavens. Because my soul’s acceptance is in heavens and my God’s acceptance is in mosque".

Why is all this attention to mosques?

It has been related that Imam Sadiq (as) has said that: “Allah has never been worshiped in a way like silence and walking to His (Allah’s) house (mosque).

Why is this emphasis on not leaving it?

It has also been narrated by Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (as) that Amirul Moamenin Ali (as) received news that some people do not attend prayers in the mosque. So Imam gave a sermon and stated: There are some people who do not attend the prayers with us in our mosques. So these people will not set to eat or drink with us. They will not consult us, marry from us and will not take anything from our wealth, except if they attended the Jamah prayers with us…….

Then Muslims stopped eating, drinking and marrying with them until they attended the Jamah prayers with the Muslims.

It has been also related by Razeeq that Imam Sadiq (as) has said: “Whoever prayed in his house in jamat while thinking low of mosque, as he has not prayed at all as well as the people who prayed with him except if they had a barrier from going to mosque.”

The Prophet (peace be upon him and his household) has said: “There is no prayer for the neighbor of mosque except in his mosque.”

Why are all of these rewards in building mosques?

Imam Jafar Ben Mohammad Al-Sadiq (as) has narrated from his fathers that: “Truly when Allah wills to punish the people of earth says “If there were none of those who love each other because of me and build my mosques and repent in the time before daybreaks, I would have definitely brought down my punishment.”

Why mosque has such great status from Allah? And why is this encouragement to go to it?

Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him and his household) has stated that “Whoever walked to a mosque of Allah’s mosques then truly he would have for each step ten rewards and ten sins would be deleted from him and he would be lifted ten levels."

Mosque should has benefits so what are they?

It has been narrated by Fathl Ben Abdul Malek that Imam Jafa Al-Sadiq (as) has said “Oh Fathl, No one comes to the mosque from a tribe except their forth comer, nor from a household except their superior. Oh Fathl, the one who goes to mosque will not come back except with one of three characteristics: Either a dua (prayer) that he would read, which enters him into heavens, or a dua (prayer) that he would read, which by it, Allah will protect him from the disasters of the world, or a brother that he would benefit from in the sake of Allah.

Imam Ali (as) also used to say: “Whoever goes always to mosque, would gain one of eight: a brother that benefits him in Allah, a good knowledge, a solid verse, or he hears a word that would show him the guidance, an awaited mercy, a word that brings him back from a misguidance, or he leaves a sin because of fear or shame.”

At the end:

Imam Sadiq (as) has stated that: “three complain to Allah (swt): a distracted mosque that its people do not pray at it, a scholar amongst ignorants, and a hanging Quran that has been covered with dust while no one reading it.

* By Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Hussein Al-Ansari

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