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Palestine and the Quds

- Bayt al-Muqaddas is the first qiblah of the Muslims and it belongs to them.

- All must know that the superpowers' aim at creating Israel does not end in the occupation of Palestine. They plan. God forbid, to extend the fate of Palestine to all Arab countries.

- Do not the authorities of the nation see or know that diplomatic talks with the history's criminal and powerful politicians cannot save Lebanon, Palestine or Quds," and that the number of crimes and oppressions increases daily?

- We are on the side of the oppressed whichever pole they may be in. The Palestinians are oppressed by the Israelis; therefore, we side with them.

- We fully support our Palestinian brothers and the people of southern Lebanon in their struggle against the usurper Israel.

- Neither the Iranian Muslim nation, nor any other Muslims, and as a matter of fact, no open-minded individual, will ever recognize Israel. We shall always support our Arab and Palestinian brothers.

- We must all rise up, destroy Israel and replace it with the heroic Palestinian nation.

- The Quds Day which is coincidental with the Night of Power must be revived among the Muslims and be the starting point of their awakening and awareness.

- The Muslims of the world should regard the Quds Day as All-Muslims' Day or the Oppressed People's Day.

- It is the call of "Allahu akbar,"' the cry of our nation, which disappointed the Shah in Iran and the usurpers in Palestine. Essentially, it is the duty of all Muslims to liberate the Quds and remove this nucleus of corruption from the Islamic lands.

- The issue of Quds is not a private or personal issue. It is not the exclusive problem of one country or a present-day problem of all Muslims; rather, it is a phenomenon concerning the monotheists and the faithful people of all ages-””past, present and future.

- Quds belongs to the Muslims and must be returned to them.

- The Quds Day is the Day of Islam.

- The Quds Day is a day in which the destinies of the oppressed nations must be determined.

- The Quds Day is a global day. It is not an exclusive day for Quds itself. It is a day for the oppressed to rise and stand up against the arrogant.

- The Quds Day is a day in which Islam is to be revived.

- The Quds Day is the Life Day of Islam!

- The Quds Day which falls on the last days of God's Great Month (Ramadan) is the proper day on which all the Muslims must be freed from the bondage of the Great Satan (America) and other superpowers, and join the Infinite Miaht of God.

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