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1. The most pious and spiritual grave yard of the world is called, "Jannat-ul-Baqi" where a number of companions (RA), wives daughters and other family members of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them) are lying to rest. In the time of Prophet (peace be upon him and his household) live hood, this grave yard was thought to be out side the Medina city but after the vast extension, now it has now come just adjacent to Masjid-e-Nabwi. If you come out from Masjid-e-Nabwi, through Baqi Gate, or Jibrael (AH) Gate you will see few yards ahead a boundary wall at a little height. This is Jannat-Ul-Baqi's wall. Stairs are made to reach at the height.

2. Men can visit this grave yard going inside but ladies are not allowed even to go up near the wall of the graveyard. Ladies must present their Salaam outside Baqi. Baqi is very clean and tidy grave yard. No bush and tree is there. All the graves are made of mud. No concrete constructions over the graves are made. Pavement and passages are made for easy walking but there is no sign over the graves have been given to know the name of the buried personality.

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