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The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth

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Brief Sayings of Imam (AS)

1. A Muslim who puts in endeavors to materialize the desire of his brother is like someone who performs holy war (Jehad) on the way to God.
2. Our intercession will not be extended to the one who is careless in performing prayers.
3. The fruit (result) of love and attachment with the world is inconvenience, trouble and sorrow and the result of piety and purity in the world is the comfort of body and soul.
4. How indecent is it that the powerful ones take revenge from the weak.
5. Be benevolent to your father and mother so that your children may as well be benevolent to you.
6. Pray to God that your sustenance does not lie in the hand of people.
7. One who invites the people towards himself (leadership) and a person wiser than him is present among the people, has gone astray.
8. Avoid incorrect jokes and humors, as it is the cause of enmity and grudge.
9. Three things are the signs of a hypocrite:
i) While talking, tells lies.
ii) Does not fulfill promises and commitments.
iii) Embezzles the deposits of others.
10. Take distance from (avoid) being jealous of others because this will be the cause of your becoming away from God.

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