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Etiquettes of the pilgrimage

The following points should be borne in mind at the time of going to the holy shrine for Ziyarat:

Before going to the shrine, purify yourself by performing the ritual bath (ghusl).

Then with clean, perfumed clothes go to the shrine. Before entering the hall of the burial chamber, one must recite the short request of permission to enter (idhn-e dukhul).

Then enter with the right foot, with humility and reverence, face the Qiblah and recite:

Allah is Greater 34 times;

Glory be to Allah 33 times;

All praise is for Allah 33 times.

On first seeing the tomb, recite the Salawat, then recite the Ziyarat facing her shrine, with full concentration and awareness of the meaning of the words you are saying and of the personality you are addressing.

After completing the Ziyarat, recite two units of prayer (salat), which is recommended after every Ziyarat. This prayer demonstrates the fact that while we revere the personalities that we have addressed in the Ziyarat, it is only Allah Whom we worship. All prostrations are for Allah only, and prostration for anyone else is forbidden.

“[O Ahl al-Bayt!] I seek nearness to Allah through my love for you."

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People of Al Sirat (the straight path) and its Difficulty Basics of Righteousness  Be Very Good with those who Offend youThe Impact of Sincere WorshipThe Impact of a Good son in this life and the Hereafter
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