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General Acts of Dhu alqidah

Acts of Dhu al-qidah

This is the first of four sacred months mentioned in the Holy Quran. In this month supplications made for fulfillment of crucial and very necessary needs are heard and accepted.

General Acts

(1) Any Sunday

It is stated on the authority of the Holy Prophet (AS) that if a 4 units prayer is prayed during this month, it will be a certain source for obtaining acceptance of repentance and forgiveness of sins. The one who prayer this Salaat will remain a believer till his death, will receive his parents blessings, have enough means of livelihood; and he will have a peaceful sojourn in his grave, also Allah will have mercy on his children.

Pray The 4 units prayer As Under:

In every unit recite:

a. Sureh Al Faathiha once
b. Sureh Al Iklaas 3 times
c. Sureh Al Falaq once
d. Sureh Al Kaafiroon once
e. Sureh Al Naas once

After the Salaam say 70 times:

Astaghfirullaah Rabbee Wa Atoobu Ilayh

Then say:

Laa H'awla Wa Laa Quwwata Illaa Billaahil A'liyyil A'z'eem

Then say:

Yaa A'zeezu Yaa Ghaffaarugh - Fir Lee D'unoobee Wa D'unooba Jamee - I'l Moo - Mineena Wal Moominaat Fa - Innahu Laa Yaghfirud D'unooba Illaa Anta

(2). FAST

It is highly desirable to keep fast on Thursday, Friday and Saturday consecutively.

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