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Sayings of The Holy Imam Ali (pbuh) about Hajj
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Sayings of The Holy Imam Ali (pbuh) about Hajj

1st Narration

“He (God) decreed upon you Hajj to his holy mosque, his divine right”.

(Nahj Al-Balaghah: oration No. 1).

2nd Narration

“God had chosen, and the people stood where his Prophets had stood before”.

(Nahj Al-Balaghah: oration No.1).

3rd Narration

“God had decreed Hajj to his holy mosque as a sign of his honor and greatness, to be witnessed by the people”.

(Nahj Al-Balaghah, oration No.1).

4th Narration

“He (God) decreed Hajj to his holy mosque upon you, that he designated it a Qiblah for the human beings, they arrive at it as the cattle do, and they rush to it as pigeons do, God had designated Kaabah as a sign for the people’s humbleness towards his greatness, and people’s acceptance for his honor”.

(Nahj Al-Balaghah, oration No.1).

5th Narration

“The almighty God had designated the holy mosque as a banner for Islam and a sanctuary for protectors, he (God) decreed Hajj upon creatures and imposed his rites and asked them to come along, he almighty said in the holy Koran: God decreed Hajj the holy mosque upon those who are capable of doing so, whoever disbelieves, God is in dispense with the commons”.

(Nahj Al-Balaghah, oration No.1).

6th Narration

“I swear by God to you, do not abandon his holy house so long you are alive, if you do so, you shall not be able to meet and discuss different issues”.

(Nahj Al-Balaghah, letter No.47).

7th Narration

“The best supplication and prayer that supplicants had asked the almighty God is Hajj and omrah to his holy house”.

(Nahj Al-Balaghah, oration No. 110).

8th Narration

“God had made Hajj as a connection to his Paradise”.

(Nahj Al-Balaghah, oration No.192).

9th Narration

“God had made Hajj as a reason for his graciousness”.

(Nahj Al-Balaghah, oration No.192).

10th Narration

“God had decreed Hajj, and it is a bolster for religion”.

(Saying No.244, Faith Al-Islam).

11th Narration

“Hajj is a bolster for religion”.

(Ghorar Al-Hikam).

12th Narration

“Hajji and who comes to omrah are God’s delegation; it is his (God) duty to honoring his visitors and bestows his forgiveness upon them”.

(Jamea Al-Ahadith, volume No.10, page 154).

13th Narration

“Imam Ali (pbuh) willed before his martyrdom: I swear by God to you, do not abandon your Lord’s house, do not desert it so long you are alive, if it would be deserted you would not gather and never discuss concerned issues”.

14th Narration

“Hajj is the struggle (Jihad) of every weak individual”.

15th Narration

“Hajji and Omrah seeker are God’s visitors, he (God) bestows upon them from his graciousness”.

16th Narration

“Terminate your Hajj by visiting the messenger of God (pbuh) after you accomplish your Hajj rituals, ignoring him is considered as a disaffection, which was what you ordered, then visit the graves and shrines that God decreed their rights and visit, ask livelihood from the almighty God”.

17th Narration

“Whoever abandoned Hajj in lieu of a desire of this materialistic world, it would not be fulfilled until he (God) looks at those who shaved their hair”.

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