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The Zionist Jews' Plans Regarding Jerusalem

One of the things that the Imam drew the nation’s attention to is the plan for Jerusalem, which is the Zionist filthy attempt to turn the city of man and history and religions into a Jewish city, not in a religious sense, but in the Zionist one, even if the apparent excuse had a religious context, for the truth is attempting to sabotage Jerusalem, the Aqsa mosque in particular, to uproot this milestone which symbolizes a lot for the followers of religions in the world, and especially the Muslims who were called that by the prophet Ibrahim, and this generous prophet had his basic stop in that holy land, or because the Muslims believe the Islam came clarifying what was before it of messages and messenger, and most of those were in Jerusalem, stayed in it or passed through it, or because the Muslims believe the point of the departure of the greatest prophet in his journey to heaven was from Jerusalem, and all these factors the Jews tried to change by attempting to demolish the Aqsa mosque,

And the Imam Khomeini has expressed this truth by him saying: “‘Israel’ had committed a huge crime that is presented by it starting the digging operations in the Aqsa Mosque, the first Kiblah for the Muslims, the thing that will be followed by the possibility of destroying the Muslims’ first Kiblah, and then ‘Israel’ would achieve her mentioned goal.’

The background for the Zionist’s plan lays in the aggression practiced against all that is heavenly and religious, for they as Zionists know that their ancestors were expelled from the holy land for their inability to comply with its enlightening truth, because they are the filth of the earth and the holy land. They are demonic, and the earth is divine, and they are the worshippers of tyranny, and that’s why they will try to defy the divine promise by invading the land of the pure in Palestine which contradicts with its reality, and they will try to cross the natural laws that rule against their possibility to exist and meet in that land.

For they are spawned creatures as the Imam puts it, who said: ‘Unfortunately these governments, and instead of rebelling against these spawned creatures and uniting and standing in its face, it even refuses to just condemn, but it is moving towards stabilizing ‘Israel’s’ position.’

The Zionists by occupying Jerusalem are practically expressing their defiance to God’s promise and also to the Muslim nation which Jerusalem presents, and that is the primary objective for the arrogant forces supporting ‘Israel’’ which is represented by fighting Islam in its genuine sense, but even Islam in what it is, and the Imam has assured this truth by him saying: ‘ The Muslims ought to know that the American draft that is being applied through “Israel” won’t stop at Lebanon because the target is Islam, wherever is appeared and in every Muslim country.’

And in the end of this section it is possible to say that “Israel” has planned to destroy the Aqsa mosque to make Jerusalem Jewish and expel the Arabs and Muslims from it and make it a capital of their fake entity and the years won’t allow this to happen due to the state of contradiction between the holiness of the place and the filth of the Zionists.

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