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Jerusalem's International Day

1- The Declaration of the International Jerusalem’s Day:

Of the causes and major symbols that the Imam has declared for a special day for revival and renewal of the covenant and to work according to the requirements of the cause of Jerusalem where the Imam had announced an international day for it, and that would be the last Friday of Ramadan’s holy month of each year, and what’s remarkable in this announcement is a lot of matters:


The declaration came after six months from the historical return of the Imam to Iran, and after four months of the rise of Iran’s Islamic Republic, which was in June 1979, and that assures the level of importance that this cause took regarding the priorities that concerned the thought the Imam’.


This day wasn’t related to Muslims only, but was international. And perhaps that was a sign for giving the Imam this cause and international aspect, as a symbol for the struggle between the good and evil, and that is what the Imam expressed and will be clarifies in the indications of the Jerusalem’s Day.

Third: The declaration of Jerusalem’s Day occurred in Ramadan, which is the month of unity among Muslims, where the righteous call is answered

And people are in the host of the merciful, heading towards him to pray and plead, promising themselves to do their duty and leave the forbidden, preaching in virtue and prevention of vice, and is there in the life of this nature and worst and more dangerous evil than that of the occupation of Jerusalem by the Zionists, so the believers must promise themselves to answer the call of the right in that month where their hearts is attached to the right and close to it… Also Ramadan month represents for Muslims the month of Jihad and triumph, for in Ramadan was the opening of Mecca which God has expressed it in ‘’if the God’s triumph has arrived and the opening’’ so Ramadan is the

season of triumph and conquer, and perhaps history would repeat itself and Jerusalem would be free in Ramadan.

Fourth: The indications and symbolism of Friday which is the holiday for all Muslims, who they head on it towards the houses of God to perform the group prayer, in a state of reverence to God and contemplation, and in a form of unity and friendliness between Muslims and believers.

Fifth: The symbolism of this day regarding its timing (the last Friday of Ramadan’s), where these last days, and especially Fridays, posses important warship characteristics , for they are the days that summarize the goods of that month, and one of its nights is obscured by the revelation night, one in which is better than a 1,000 months where its dawn represents the rise of the righteous though

The cry that’s going to take place and declare to the world the arrival of Imam Mahdi, god has mercy on him, who will and forever expel the Jews from Palestine, where Jerusalem will be the place of declaration of the state of divine justice, and of the shine of the sun of the righteous over the globe through that world-wide prayer that all the symbols of the right will be part of, headed by the Imam Mahdi.

As for the text of the Imam Khomeini’s call it is: ‘I call all the Muslims of the world to consider the last Friday of the Ramadan’s blessed month, which one of the days of revelation and might be decisive in determining the fate of the Palestinians, Jerusalem’s day, and to declare through the ceremonies of this day the international union of the Muslims and their defense for the legal rights of the Muslim Palestinian people.’

2- The indications and dimensions of Jerusalem’s international day:

A. The day of confrontation between the weak and the arrogant:

It is an international day, related to the struggle between good and evil, and practically between the axis of evil represented by the arrogant and the axis of good embodied by the weak.

And some of the Imam Khomeini’s words on the subject: ‘Jerusalem’s day is an international one, and not only related to Jerusalem, it is the day of confrontation between the weak and the arrogant.’

And the Imam says: ‘It is the day of confrontation for the people who suffered the injustice of America and other super powers.’

And he also says: ‘It is the day where the weak should get ready against the arrogant so they rub their noses in the dirt.’

Also it is day where a warning message should be delivered to all the super powers that they should lift their hand of the weak, and a day of assuring the rights of the weak to exist, live, and influence in the battle field of this life.

The Imam says: ‘Jerusalem’s Day, a day where the destinies of the weakened nations should unite, a day where those nations should declare their existence in front of the arrogant.’

And he also says: ‘Jerusalem’s Day a day where all the weak should get rid of the arrogant claws, a day where all the Muslim societies should announce its presence and fire warnings to the super powers.’’

Jerusalem’s Day is the a spot and occasion to collect the weak and unite their word which might lead to a party of the weak,
And in this dimension the Imam Khomeini says: ‘The Jerusalem say is a Muslim day, and a day for general Muslim mobilization, and hope that this thing would be a introduction to the establishment of the party of the weak all over the world, and I wish this party emerges in the name of all the weak of the world.’

B-Jerusalem’s Day is Islam’s Day:

After its international and humanitarian symbolism, comes the religious symbolism for Jerusalem, as an expression for the status of Islam as a divine religion that wants to better the world and lift the injustice and establish justice, and an actual symbol for it is Jerusalem, and what it represents in the process of its revival and freeing is a process of religions revival and establishment..

In this sense, says the Imam Khomeini: "Jerusalem’s Day, Islam’s day, a day where the revival of Islam and the application of its laws in the Islamic states must be done, Jerusalem’s Day it warns all forces that Islam will not fall under their control anymore through their malicious employees."

He also says: "Jerusalem’s Day on the human life must awaken all Muslims and make them realize the extent of the capacity in their possession, whether physical or moral." "Jerusalem’s Day not only a day for Palestine, it is the day of Islam, a day where the Islamic government must spread its legion all over the world."

"I take Jerusalem’s Day as day of Islam and God’s messenger, and a day where we must equip all our strengths to drive the Muslims out of Isolation."

C– Jerusalem’s Day is the day of commitment and denial of hypocrisy:

After global dimensions and Muslim humanitarian and religious dimension were, comes the practical dimensions of Jerusalem’s day, which embodies the commitment to the reality of Islam and the reality of its approach and and resorting to its legislation so that this day is distinguished between the Muslims and non-Muslimsl or rather distinguishes the believers of the hypocrites.

says the Imam Khomeini: "It is today, which is Jerusalem’s Day, which will be distinguishing between many of the hypocrites and the committed to consider this day a day of Jerusalem and do what they have to do, as for the hypocrites They are in this day carless or preventing the people from performing demonstrations.

And he also says:’ those who do not perform the Jerusalem’s Day ceremonies are violators of Islam and approve Zionism.’

3. Duty regarding Jerusalem’s Day:

After giving the real aspects for Jerusalem’s Day, the Imam Khomeini emphasized on the necessity of reviving this day, where special ceremonies were created for it that expresses the truth of revival, for the thing is not just renouncing Zionism and its domination and tyranny, and it’s not a mere heartfelt denial of the injustice resulting from the occupation of Jerusalem, and the plan to judaize it, but the thing goes beyond that to the movement and going down the streets and practically express the denial and rejection of Zionism and arrogance.

The Imam Khomeini says: ‘Jerusalem’s Day, is a day where all the Muslim nations should turn to each other, and work to revive this day for if the uproar started from all the Muslim nation on the last Friday of the blessed month of Ramadan, which is Jerusalem’s Day. If all the nations rose and did these same demonstrations and same marches, the thing will be an introduction, God willing, to stand against those corrupters and eliminate them in every part of the Muslim land.”

And he also says: I hope the Muslims consider Jerusalem’s Day a big one

Assess the demonstrations in all Islamic states in Jerusalem Day and to convene the councils and forums and repeat the appeal in mosques. "
He also said: "If all Muslims in the world marched on Jerusalem from their homes, and screamed (Death to America death to" Israel "), then the very essence of them saying so will bring death upon them.”

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