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Jerusalem the centre of the Palestinian cause and its symbol

The Imam Khomeini has focused on Jerusalem the city as a symbol, centre, and a base in the Palestinian cause, and the symbolism of Jerusalem came from to directions, the first is the special holiness of this city for all Muslims, it is the first of the two qiblah, and the second is the injustice and imprisonment where the Jews falsely claim the presence of king Solomon’s temples under it mosque and their constant attempts to demolish the mosque, and according to these allegations the Imam Khomeini wouldn’t recognize any rights for the existence of ‘Israel’’, and wouldn’t also recognize any rights for it in any land or area of the Islamic land. He also saw the necessity of expelling the Jews from all Palestine, from Galilee to Gaza and from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean sea, and the Imam wouldn’t have distinguish between a land that was occupied in 1984 and another in 1967. All of them are occupied, and all of ‘Israel’ is an aggressor, and it should seize to exist and still the Imam gave a special care for the Jerusalem issue because it represents the gateway to all of Palestine and expresses the injustice that is happening in the holy places for Muslim, Arabs, Christians, and all the free worldwide. Jerusalem is the land of the prophets and the place of revelation and the home of the good from Adam to our greatest prophet Muhammad

For its holiness is multi-sided and its great injustice is a witness to all injustices, also its subconscious bears tales of passion in the souls of believers and the love of ancestors from prophets and Patriarchs who honored this land that God has spoken of in many parts of his holy book, that it’s the blessed land, it and what’s around it, which makes the connection with this symbol strong like the strength of the connection with the symbols that came across this land, which creates a mental-interactive state that is establishing a conscious movement to what’s taking place in Jerusalem and what’s happening to it, and an interactive movements towards expressing this state of rage and anger on one hand, and rebelling on another. Hence is the Imam’s emphasis on the symbol ‘Jerusalem’ considering it as an axis in the Palestinian issue, even an axis for the nation’s cause, and also the axis for the struggle between good and evil, between the wrong and right, between freedom and slavery, arrogance and vulnerability, so the Imam gave Jerusalem dimensions and indications that it deserves being the home of the hopes of millions who follow religions, for it is the place where religions had landed and divine laws that descended to the world of man and a testimony from the hereafter, for it is the place of the ascending of man to the world of perfection, and perhaps this is why it was the spot where the prophet was ascended to the sky penetrating the earth which he had crossed between Hejaz to Palestine in his trip to the heavens and the divine kingdom.

So the Imam Khomeini has worked on restoring Jerusalem to its natural position by highlighting on a group of dimensions that represent it, For it’s not a personal symbol, nor national, and it’s not also a matter of religion or a nation in particular, it’s the cause of man, nations, history, freedom, religions, homes, and times. And it’s a symbol of injustice and vulnerability and the extension of this world that people in it are pushed between the right and wrong, and it’s the place that is a witness to the defiance of the arrogant, and his violation of international laws and rights, and his control with power and domination over the land, and Jerusalem had had its share of captivity, oppression, tyranny, and injustice, until that reached its mosques and churches and places of worship that was meant to be safe and secure, surrounded by serenity and peace in the shade of God the merciful and tender who chose this spot of the world to be a place of radiance of mercy and the merciful, and a place of peace and security for the travelers pilgrimages, instead it is turned by sinful hands and evil spirits to an imprisoned place, surrounded by towers from each side, anguished by pain from every corner, shedding tears and screaming for the conscience of humanity, a place which God chose to be a place of pilgrimage to millions of believers to fulfill their need of being close to the prophets and priests.

So the imam Khomeini has spoken about this by his saying: ‘’ The issue of Jerusalem is not personal or related to a specific country or the Muslims of the world in the current time.’’

Imam Khomeini assured as well that the cause of Palestine is not related to the current time , but it is constantly a cause for the followers of religions, Therefore it is taking a progressive interaction from the past though the present eventually to the future where lays the promise of ridding this symbol from occupation.

And in the same context Imam Khomeini says: ‘’ the issue of Jerusalem belongs to the believers in the world, and the believers of the ancient eras and the ones to come, since the day the foundation stone of the Aqsa mosque was put to this day as long as this motor planet is circling in the world of existence.’

Then the imam talks about the impudence and boldness on God and his messengers and defying his promise by spreading injustice and aggression over the places of God’s revelations and his place of worship by the Jews.’

The imam says: ‘It is painful that a bunch of criminals is defying God and his messengers on the sight of Muslims, and in spite all of the moral and material potential, and it’s a shame on the Muslim governments to take the observer stand on a corrupt, unethical being that is assaulting and offending the temple of Muslims and their first kiblah. It is shameful to hold silence regarding this grand historical tragedy.’

Then the Imam displays that lofty stand of Palestine’s brave youth who stood and answered the call of Jerusalem and painted its mosque’s walls with their blood, and whom their chests has taken the bullets of hatred of the Zionists’ arms, and here they are declaring their blessed uprising against the enemy weighing on their land and occupying what’s sacred.

The Imam Khomeini says: ‘Isn’t it a shame on Muslims not to declare their sympathy and answer the call of injustice for the Palestinian youth whom their blood has painted the walls of the Aqsa Mosque and took the bullets of machine guns from a handful of occupiers as an answer to their righteous legal demands.’

And afterwards the Imam sends his blesses salute to the up risers and to the blessed Aqsa and to the rebelling nations against occupation, and to the weak of the world where the Imam considers that the era he rose in and established is an era of the weak and their triumph on the aggressor.
The Imam says: ‘A salute to Jerusalem and the Aqsa mosque, and a salute to the rising nations in confronting the criminal ‘Israel’, and a salute to the Muslims and the weak of the world.’’

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