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Jerusalem in the thought of Imam Khomeini

Imam Khomeini determines the causes for the loss of Jerusalem and Palestine

The Imam Khomeini has directed the Muslim nation towards the central issue, Palestine the heart of the nation and Jerusalem, the heart of Palestine, because these two references represent the cause of challenge, and one of its dimensions is the indicators of weakness that is holding the Muslims, and the other is the indicator of arrogance and Emirates created to dominate the nation and its potentials. In the first dimension exists the fact that Imam Khomeini tried to reveal for the nation of Islam that if it weren’t for the weakness, division, dependence, and scatter in the world of Muslims and between their lines, a handful of Jews expelled from the world of mercy, dispersed around and few in number, wouldn’t have been able to gather around and conspire on the nation and plan to pounce on it by being present in its heart and building a base to move towards its states and entities as a start, in order to control the land and wealth and capabilities. Hence the Imam has focused on the major causes that stands behind what happened, and which consisted mainly of governors and presidents, kings and leaders, managements and departments, authorities and regulations governing in Muslim countries, and by that he wanted to set things right and point to the whereabouts of the real disease, without evasion nor fear of anyone, because the cause doesn’t tolerate it, for Palestine is lost

And the nation is weak and the future doesn’t promise any good in case of failing in achieving the duty of confrontation with the fake entity ‘’Israel’’, so it’s either those traitors and agents get compromised and by that the nations start paying attention to the importance of replacing them and bypass their plans and decisions, or they wake up on the sound of imminent danger, not only on the nations, but also on the regulations and rulers as result of the presence of ‘’Israel’’ that wants in the end slave governors, and in any case, Imam Khomeini wouldn’t have counted on the governors, as long as he knows the nature of the relationship that exists between them and the countries that support Israel, for it is either they are made by those countries, or they are frightened of its rage and anger. However, the governors might find the right justifications that seem convincing regarding the inexistence of the any plans of confrontation against Israel, but the people has a broader sideline for acting and is more awakened, and they are less interested in the reaction of those arrogant countries, and moreover the Muslim nations adore Jerusalem and longs for its land. Therefore, these nations were and still looking for genuine leadership that live in a state of honesty in its relationship with the rights of the nation, and with the expectations of the people, generations, and the public. The Muslim individuals are also in constant pain because of what’s happening and because of the division and slacking of the nation… and they are horrified by that bloody scene in Palestine without the capability of uttering a reaction except sighing, for they live in a state that resembles captivity because of the multiple chains wrapped around them, preventing them from seriously feeling the Palestinian cause, for they are so close to Palestine but they seem thousands of miles away,

For they are close regarding the distance and far regarding the capability to reach not only the place due to occupation, but also due to another occupation dominating the souls and mouths and minds and wills, so it stops it all from expressing its rage. This is the case that the nation has suffered from, and still does in some of its parts. Thus the Imam Khomeini has tried to reveal this fact through his words that he said decades ago to light a candle in the future path of the nation and help it remove the obstacles, for he is the Imam that melted in his nation and his cloak has covered oll its hopes and his turban floated around the whole nation and pointed the edge of his stick to solve their problems. The nation was in his vision and sight, and he had no worries but to fix its problems and demanding its rights and emphasizing on its major causes without fear of no man because the right is the Sultan of demands and its logic is gushing and its will is strong and nothing should stand in its way as long as he’s demanding a stolen right, hence the thief should be afraid..

And if we went back to the causes that can be read from the words of Imam Khomeini that stand behind the tragic scene that is present in the nations’ reality, which could be in case of failure a base for a darker future, these reasons in Imam Khomeini’s opinion mostly go back to the treason, humiliation, cowardice, and conspiracy of many governors that are holding to power in the Muslim lands and are usually working on preserving their thrones by compromising with the throne of the nation, and also strengthening their positions on the expense of the nation’s strength and pride and they are deriving their presence and survival from the enemy who stole their people and wealth, plus they are working on prolonging the youth of their authority on the expense of the youth of its nation, and these are the clear words of the Imam that shows the reasons behind the fall of Palestine, and of it :

1. The governors are not real representatives of their people, for they are dictators and tyrants and are not embracing Islam, they are closed on themselves and thus they are inappropriate for confronting the enormous responsibilities present in their own nations and governments, ones that they supposedly appointed themselves to hold, and others are working on sabotaging and dispersing the different categories of their people or between Muslim states. In these dimensions the Imam has said ‘’ If the governors of the Muslim countries are genuine representatives of the people and believers in the provision of Islam and are putting aside trivial matters and holding their hands from dispersion and are united among themselves, a handful of Jews wouldn’t have been able to do all their deeds, no matter how strong the support was from America and England, for what we see of Israel’s capability and practices is due to negligence of the Arab rulers.

2. The sharp differences existing between the leaders of the Muslim states are preventing solving the problem after it was a cause for its existence.
Imam Khomeini said ‘’ the differences between the leaders of the states is what’s complicating the Palestine issue and preventing its solving.’’

3. The treason of some egotistical leaders and their selfishness and hold to power, and not lifting a finger for what the Muslims are going through, especially in Palestine. Regarding this Imam Khomeini has said: ‘’ the differences and treason of some presidents of Muslim countries are holding any chances and possibilities for 700 million Muslim to solve the Palestine issue, which is regarded as the heaviest and most important one.’’

He also said: ‘’ The selfishness, employment, and surrender of some Arabian governments for the direct foreign influence and power is preventing tens of millions of Muslims from saving Palestine from the hands of Israeli occupation.’’

4. The dispersal and psychological defeat of some of the leaders who owe their thrones to the arrogant powers and are paying the price by strengthening the tragic events happening in Muslim countries.

The Imam says: ‘’ A lot of the governments in the Muslim countries, and as a result of the psychological defeat and employment, are applying the treacherous plans and colonial wishes that are anti-Islam and aiming for securing these tragic situations in the Muslim society and directing Israel towards the spirits, wealth, and lands of the Muslim nation.’’

5. Most of the governments got busy with the political negotiations that are useless and cannot lead to the treatment of the Palestinian issue, whereas Jihad is the answer.

Imam Khomeini says: ‘’ Most of the governments are busy sitting up and down and with useless negotiations, leaving the brave Palestinians fighters fighting ‘Israel’’ all by themselves.

6. The tolerance of some Arabian presidents and their passiveness towards the Palestinian cause and the suffering of its people.

As the Imam says: “All of the problems that our brothers are suffering from through all this time is due to the tolerance of Arabian presidents.’’

This is when it comes to governors and the reasons linked to them as individuals and what’s preventing them from uniting, which led to more negligence and tolerance regarding the Palestinian issue, but when it comes to people and their different categories and classes, especially the elite and scientists, there are also reasons that are linked to them. It is true that the major and main problems is due to the governor’s reality and their negligence, tolerance, and sometimes treason and employment, but that doesn’t cancel or deny the major responsibilities placed on the people, especially the political, media, and cultural elites and in particular the scientists that must be taken by the hands of their nation and directed towards the crucial issues, for as long as the governor is not practicing his political role in directing the people and the public towards the most important issues and matters, this mission becomes the responsibility of the scientists and intellectuals even if they were outside the frame of power or were afraid of the governing authorities, and on this vein the Imam has determined several reasons that are connected to the reality of the nations and the public, and from it I mention the most important:

1. Not depending on Islam and Quran and depending on the eastern or western camps, and that opposes what’s imposed by the divine text to the necessity of the disbelief in the material camps and the tyranny and believing in god and his message and depending on him and the teaching of his religion:

And Imam Khomeini says: ‘’ if the Muslim nations, and instead of depending on the eastern or western camp, depended on Islam and put the enlightening and liberal teachings of Quran into practice, they wouldn’t have fell captive to the Zionist aggressors.

2. The dispersal and differences between the Muslims and wasting time with controversial and trivial matters and making way for arrogant powers and plans, which weakened the capability of this massive and huge number of Muslims, and were deceived by a handful of envious Zionists.

The Imam says: ‘If this capacity is united, which is the capacity of a hundred million Arabian, America wouldn’t be able to do anything.’’

And he also says: ‘’the differences are what caused the existence of Zionists and gave them this chance of stabilizing themselves.’’

3. Negligence and failing to act or do anything in the vein of changing the reality by Muslims who were people of words, statements, speeches, and documents, whereas their enemies where people of action and initiative.

says the Imam Khomeini: "I must say that the enemies of Islam were men of action and not words and Muslims were men of talk and not action, and if things had crossed the borders of mere words, a 100 million Muslims wouldn’t have stood helpless in the face of ‘’Israel’’.’’

4. dependency on Governments and awaiting their initiatives and resolutions and the lack of initiative to take the appropriate stand.
Imam Khomeini says: "If people expect these governments to initiate a stand against Israel and other forces, they are delusional."
Hence the following results can be concluded:

First: that the main reasons behind Muslim crises or that’s preventing any treatment, especially regarding the issue of Palestine is the reality of the majority of the rulers in Muslim countries.

Second: there are other reasons linked to people and their elitists that is represented by them not taking any initiative or stand not committing to religion, which only worsens the problem and deepens the crisis.

third: that the governors, like people, are involved in changing their conditions for the right direction towards the treatment of the crisis. Or else all will remain unchanged, but is expected to more deterioration and deadlock."

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