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How to restore Jerusalem and Palestine

After diagnosing the problem and its causes that has been piled up for decades of time, and which is represented mainly by the failure in performing any act of confrontation against the enemy of the nation who was able as a result to set his feet in the Islamic world and feel comfortable and able to expand in all directions in order to set a new target in the Muslim countries to expand and march with his massive army which is preceded by terror resulting from propaganda raised by western media that provokes defeat before it really happens, and this was facilitated by the case of negligence from most of ruling governments, regulations, and authorities that possess initially all the countries’ potential and has the power to give orders and decisions to the armed forces, which led to leaving a handful of fighters armed by the weapons of defeat, and their retreat was financed more than their attacks, and also their civil institutes were more reinforced than the elements of confrontation and reluctance, the difference and disparities between the rulers and their people also helped, for most of the rulers did not meet the expectations of their people and their longing for freedom

And their desire in retrieving their rights, and restoring pride and power to the sense of belonging to Islam on one hand, and to Arabs on another. Also one of the factors helping in this state of disappointment and weakness, and the state of division that foreign forces has planned and reinforced among the individuals of this nation and its people, and those that made it possible are the ones of weak spirit and traitors, hence the nation had become scattered by each of its sides holding on to its privacy and narrow interests which caused the loss of priorities and reversed its ladder and the level of importance of each one, and the regional struggles ruled the reality of the nation, from conflicts over border points that were lost due to inaccurate or unfinished documentation by the colonial powers in the world, to conflicts over some disputed geographical areas, whereas a vast and important region that touches the pride and dignity of the nation has been occupied, raped, and uprooted from the body of this nation, and it’s a vital and crucial piece that is connected directly to the morals of the nation and its pride, and the reactions weren’t to fit the size of the crisis and the magnitude of the disaster, in addition the media had helped the western aggressor and some hired employees and followers of the western minds, ones that someday will be fed up with and will only be to them trafficking pens and brokers selling words and thoughts. Each and every one of those helped in increasing the magnitude of the bilateral problems of the Arab and neighboring Muslim countries, where it had dealt or disillusioned the public of the importance of dealing with ‘Israel” as real and natural state, even as civilized sometimes, like it should be dealt with according to those standards, with friendship, welcoming and establishing relations

Until the thing, the impudence even, reaches to where some has suggested the normalization with ‘Israel’ and others bare their fangs and don’t accept an Arab or Muslim country close to theirs and refuses to deal with it on the basis of friendly relations in addition to full normalization .and a part of these relations the claim of some that ‘Israel’ is a part of civilized Europe which came to the primitive Arabian area in order to drive him towards civilization and class through what “Israel” was able to own, and quickly, all the elements of a modern state on both the technical and scientific level, so they worked in every way possible through deceptive and malicious methods in order to inflate the existing differences between Muslims and Arabs and sow discord among peaceful parties that are on good terms so they can show ‘Israel’ as a civil and peaceful whereas the Arabs are the assaulting it and wants its destruction.

And so the Imam Khomeini, and throughout the years of his honorable life, has worked on revealing these lies and exposing these conspiracies and dangers lurking and threatening it, so he always raised his voice to warn and wake the people so they can hear him and he can deliver to them a handful of facts that he saw and wanted the people to know, as well as regulations, these facts are what helps incase it was depended on or was used in retrieving Jerusalem and Palestine, ad of these facts, speeches, and basics are:

First: Refusing conspiracies, schemes, and treason, and the refusal of any treaties, Agreements, and rapprochement with this entity because that would give legitimacy to the "Israeli" attacks on the nation and the Palestinian people as well as giving legitimacy to its existence, and this is what Imam Khomeini has not recognized, he who considers ‘Israel” a rapist entity, terrorist, Dominator, and Illegal.

And the Imam Khomeini states: ‘The Camp David treaty and the likes of it aim for giving legitimacy to ‘Israel’s’ assaults, and it has been changed to the benefit of “israel’.’

And he also says: ‘Every situation that strengthens ‘Israel’ won’t damage the Palestinians and Arabs alone but also to all the region’s countries and it will lead to strengthening reactionary movements in the area.’

Second: The Initiative to root out corruption that is represented by the very existence of the Israeli entity and not only through its assaults or practices, it is corruption by itself.

The Imam Khomeini Says: ‘Israel’ is an aggressor , and it should leave as soon as possible and the solution is by the Palestinian brothers eliminating this corrupt substance.’

Third: To defend the Palestinian objectives and protect the fighters, for in it the reason for liberating Palestine.

The Imam Khomeini says: ‘The Muslim countries should defend with all its might the Palestinian objectives and defend the liberal movements worldwide.’

Fourth:Non-recognition of ‘Israel’ by the states, whether it was Muslim, Arab, or free, for this recognition grants legitimacy to the usurping entity and helps it stabilize its existence and in prolonging it, and it’s a legal duty to deny and refuse this.

The Imam Khomeini says: ‘I consider the draft of recognizing ‘Israel’ a disaster for Muslims and states, and I consider declaring its opposition a Huge Muslim duty.’

Fifth: The constant support of the Palestinian ‘Intifada’ for it to continue and achieve its objectives, which is topped by crushing the Jews and the Zionists .

The Imam Khomeini says: ‘don’t listen to the words of those who call for a cease- fire and such, for all that is to stop the Palestinians from progressing, the Palestinian people is about to crush the Jews and Zionists and I hope that will be achieved.’

And he says: ‘we should offer our support to the demonstrations and the uprising of the Palestinians for all the injustice of ‘Israel’ so it can defeat this predator.’

Sixth: The refusal of any bargaining and concessions provided by some treacherous rulers, for in that a negligence for the central cause and weakening it and a sign to allow the enemy to proceed in completion and implementing its hostile plans.

The Imam Khomeini says: ‘The Muslim nations should consider saving Palestine and declare to the world its rage and denunciation of the bargaining and defeatist practices of the treacherous rules that blew the hopes of the public and the Muslims of the occupied land.’’

And the Imam says: ‘Don’t the leaders of the nation know that the political negotiations with the arrogant politicians and history criminals won’t save Jerusalem and Palestine, and will increase the rate of crimes and injustice every day.’

Seventh: Supporting the Palestinian militants financially and their legal rights as well as supporting their endurance, and spend to fix the consequences of aggressions.

The Imam Khomeini says: ‘they are required to spend up to one third of the Imam shares on the refugees and homeless and strugglers’’.

Eighth: call for unity among Muslim to confront the challenges, on top of it confronting ‘Israel’ and destroying the seed of corruption it represents.
The Imam says: ‘I have always emphasized on the unity of the Muslims in confronting enemies, including ‘Israel’.’

And he says: ‘I wish they get rid of the differences and the governments turn towards the Islamic issues and they cut off, with God’s will, this cancerous thyroid from their lands.’

And he also says: ‘we should all unite and stand in one line against his aggressor group.’’
And in the context of his speech about the unity among Muslims, Imam Khomeini emphasizes

That the very essence of unity leads to the removal of ‘Israel’ and there is no need for great potential for that, and here Imam Khomeini says: ‘If the Muslims get together and each of them spilled a bucket of water on ‘Israel’, it would be flooded, but still you see they are helpless in front of it.’

Ninth: The rebellion of Muslim people is the path to liberation of Palestine, especially when it’s impossible to rely on the authorities, for the revolution of the people embarrasses the governors and drives them towards confronting ‘Israel” and towards the use the weapons they possess, the weapon of oil in particular.

The Imam Khomeini says: ‘If you wanted to save Palestine the people should rebel by itself and push their governments to confront ‘Israel’.
And he also says: ‘People should push their governments to seriously rise to confront America and ‘Israel’ and that’s through the use of military force and oil.’

Tenth: Returning to Islam and its genuine references and committing to its provisions for the sake of resolving the Palestinian issue, and this return should be back to the genuine Islam.

The Imam Khomeini says: ‘if you don’t return to Islam, the Prophet’s Islam, then all our problems will remain the same and we won’t be able to resolve the Palestinian cause.’

Eleventh: Benefiting from the potentials and military means based on faith and feeling the greatness of Islam and its ability

To achieve the goals and not to yield to threats and depend on negotiations that onlt brings more disappointment and not to fear the great powers or please it.

The Imam Khomeini says: ‘it should, and in order to free Palestine, be benefited from machine guns that rely on faith and capability of Islam, and abandon the politics game that smells of defeat, and abandon the idea of pleasing the super powers.’’

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