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Supplication of Wednesday

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. All praise is for Allah alone who wrapped the night with darkness, made sleep a medium of rest and repose, and the day a time to work and make efforts.

All praise is for Thee alone, for Thou made me come out of the deep sleep every day, although if Thou wills it could be a rest for ever,

everlasting praise that never ever is cut off nor anyone of the created beings can know, write or count up.

O my Allah, All praise is for Thee alone for Thou created, everything in order and equilibrium, well-measured, properly managed, effectively carried out, and determined the duration, gave life, cause things to decay,

and recover, made available comforts, mixed with troubles and sorrows. Calm and unruffled Thou occupied the Arsh (Throne), the whole universe under Thy domain and jurisdiction,

I call Thee with a request like the one whose means and opportunities are frail and unsure, resources cut off,

and the end in very near, expectations from the worldly life proved to be of little worth,

now in need of Thy mercy cracks up, sigh of grief and regrets for immoderate conduct are heartbreaking,

errors are very many, and also offences, but with sincerity has turned repentant to Thee,

therefore send blessing on Mohammad, the Last Prophet, on his pure and pious Progeny,

and make available for me recommendations of Mohammad, peace and blessings of Allah be on him and on his children,

and do not deprive me of his company; verily Thou art the Most Merciful.

O my Allah, in the hours of this Wednesday, fulfill my four desires; give me strength to obey Thee, happiness in Thy worship,

willingness to earn Thy rewards, self-control to keep off that which brings Thy terrible punishment; verily Thou very kindly and lovingly operates Thy will.

O Allah! Send blessing on Mohammad (pbuhh) and on the Family of Mohammad (pbut)

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