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Prayer of Imam Ali Rida (pbut)
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Prayer of Imam Ali Rida (pbut)

The prayer of Imam Rida (pbut) consists of six rakats. In each rakat one should recite Sura al Fatiha once and Sura al Insaan ten times. The following is the Supplication of the Imam (pbut);

O my Friend in my distress! O my Beloved Favorite in my comforts!

O my Allah, and Allah of Ibrahim (as), and Ismail (as), and Ishaq (as), and Yaqoob (as).

O Lord of "Kaaaf-Haa-Yaa-A'yyyn S'aaad", and "Yaa Seeen", and the "Quranil Hakeem" (wisest Quran).

I beseech Thee, O He Who grants favours to him who makes a request! O He Who does good to him who calls! O He Who fills to over flowing whom He given!

O Generous Merciful Who is implored and entreated! I beseech Thee, to send blessings on Mohammad (pbuhh) and on the Family of Mohammad (pbut)

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