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Prayer of Imam Musa Kazim (pbut)

The prayer of Imam Musa Kazim (pbut) consists of two rakats. In each rakat one should recite Sura Fatiha once and Sura Tawhid (Ikhlas) 12 times. The following is the Supplication of the Imam (pbut);

My Allah! Submissive, all voices are low and hushed before Thee. Lost and bewildered are minds and thoughts in Thy "supreme being".

Everything stands in awe of Thee. Everything takes refuge with Thee.

In trouble and distress are all things if cut off from Thee. Filled with Thy "Light" are all things.

Thou art Sublime in Thy majesty. Thou art elegantly Resplendent in Thy graceful purity.

Thou art Absolute in Thy authority. Thou art He Whom nothing can do any harm.

O Bestower of bounties! O Disperser of sorrows! O Fulfiller of desires!

Give me what I desire, in the name of “There is no god except Thou " . I seek refuge with Thee, sincere in my faith for Thee,

and live in the hope of Thy promise and surety, which have the credentials to give hope of Thy bounties,

and forgiveness of sins, that cannot be done by anyone else.

O He who is near and close at hand though highest, and in His nearness is the Highest High,

in His splendor the Resplendent, and in His authority the most Powerful. Send blessings on Mohammad (pbuhh) and on the Family of Mohammad (pbut).

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