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Prayer of Imam Mohammad Baqir (pbut)

The prayer of Imam Mohammad Baqir (pbut) consists of two rakats and in each rakat Sura Fatiha is read once and Glory be to Allah alone, and all praise is for Allah, There is no god except Allah, Allah is Great, is read 100 times.

The following is the Imam (pbut)'s supplication:

O my Allah! I beseech Thee. O Gentle and Considerate, Who is tolerant, and gives respite; Forgiving, Loving, overlooks my mistakes. Good that I have is from Thee,

and that which Thou bestows on me from Thy free gifts makes me act. Thou encourages me and guides me while I make efforts in obedience to Thy commands and Thy Messenger's instructions;

and what Thou gives me freely from Thy bounties is Thy kindest favour

O My Allah! Give me that which befits Thee. Do not do that which I deserve

Only that I am Yours. Do not make me ever run after anything desirable except it comes from Thee

O The Best of all those who see and recognize. O The Best of all those who hear and pay attention! O The Best of All Those who exercise authority and judge!

O Companion of the fugitives! O He Who gives answer to those who cry in anguish!

Send blessings on Mohammad (pbuhh) and on the Family of Mohammad (pbut).

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