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Prayer of Imam Jafar Sadiq (pbut)

The prayer of Imam Jafar Sadiq (pbut) consists of two rakats. In each rakat one should recite Sura Fatiha once and the ayah of bearing witness (Sura Aal e Imran ayah 18) 100 times. The following is the Supplication of Imam (pbut);

O Artist Creator of all things that has been created! O He who joins together separate bones!

O He Who is everywhere! O He Who is aware of all secrets!

O He Who knows the obscure and the unseen! O He Who is present everywhere without being absent from any other place! O He Who prevails, and is never dominated!

O He Who is near, and is never out of reach! O Companion of every unattended desolate!

O Ever living, who brings the dead to life, and makes the living dead, Everlasting vigilant over all souls for that which they have earned! O He Who was ever present when nothing existed!

There is no god except Thou. Send blessings on Mohammad (pbuhh) and on the Family of Mohammad (pbut).

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