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Prayer of Imam Hussein (pbut)

The prayer of Imam Hussein (pbut) consists of 4 rakats. One should recite Sura Fatiha and Sura al Tawhid (Ikhlas) 50 times each in each rakat. Then while in rukoo (bowing), after standing from rukoo, while in sajda (prostration), and after sitting up from sajda one should recite Sura Fatiha and Sura Tawhid 10 times each. Upon completing the 4 rakats, one should say,

“O My Allah! Thou art He Who heard the prayers of Adam and Hawwaa when they said: “O our Lord we did not listen to the voice of our conscience. Now if Thou does not take a lenient view, and have mercy on us, We shall always be among the losers.”

And Nooh cried unto Thee, then Thou heard his prayer, and kept him and his companions safe From the terrible catastrophe.

Thou put out the fire set burning by Namrood, for Ibrahim, Thy friend, who came out from it hail and hearty.

Thou art He Who heard the prayer of Ayyoob, when he cried unto his Lord: “Truly, I am hard-pressed and concerned by losses and damages, and Thou art Most Merciful of all who show mercy.” Then Thou dispersed hardships that were bothering him gave him back his family, And the like thereof along with them, a mercy from Thy store, and a remembrance for men of understanding.

Thou art He Who heard the prayer of Noon (Younus). As soon as he cried unto Thee in the darkness:

“There is no god save Thee. Be Thou glorified. Surely I have been a wrong-doer.” Then Thou saved him from anguish.

Thou art He Who heard the prayers of Musa and Haroon, When they called (unto Thee). Thou said, “Your prayer is heard. You two keep to the straight path.” Firawn (Pharoah) and his people were drowned.

Thou had forgiven mistakes committed by Dawood, and relented towards him through Thy mercy and glory.

Thou ransomed Ismail with a “Zibhin Azeem” (great sacrifice), when they had both surrendered (to Allah), and he had flung him down upon his face. Then he received the news of joy and relief.

Thou art He unto Whom Zakariyya cried, A cry in secret. Saying: “My Lord! Surely my bones are weak and unsteady, my head is full of grey hair, And I have never been deprived of blessings whenever I prayed to Thee, O my Lord.” Thou said: “They cried unto Me in longing and in fear, and were submissive unto Me.”

Thou art He Who hears the prayers of those who believe and do good deeds, Gives them more and more of Thy bounties. So count me not among the unimportant people who call on and turn to Thee in vain. Give answer to my prayer just as Thou heard the prayers of those whom Thou found worthy of Thy attention So purify me with Thy purity, Listen to my prayer and supplication, And kindly accept them Make what is left in my life pure and pleasant, and make easy for me my death, Let me make amends and compensate for misdeeds.

Protect me. O my Lord! I call upon Thee. Make my children pure and chaste. Surround them with Thy reliable protection, To save them from all that which degrade and humiliate;

Children, every one of them to be among Thy close confidants and obedient servants, through Thy mercy. O the Most Merciful, O He who watches over all things, And gives answer to all those who cry unto Him;

And is near to all those who make a request. I beseech Thee, O “There is no god save Thou, The Ever living, the Everlasting, One, Independent, Who begets not nor was begotten, and there is none comparable unto Him.”

In the name of all Thy Names, Thou employed to raise the sky, To spread out the earth, To set up the mountains, To make water run its course, To keep in control the clouds, the sun, the moon, the stars, the nights, And the days, so that they work as Thou wills;

And thus Thou brought into existence all creations. I beseech Thee, In the name of Thy Sublime Glory which lighted up the heavens and the earth. Darkness spread far and wide over them, Unless “Durood” was recited for Mohammad (pbuhh) and the Family of Mohammad (pbut).

Free me from the worries of life in this world and spare me in the other world. Make better all my affairs. Do not let me rely upon my “Nafs”, the source of vain desires and passions, for a flash of an eye. Set my affairs right, and affairs of my dependents. Keep away from me sorrows and poverty, Make me independent. Give them from Thy unknown treasures. Multiply Thy favors that do not ever run out. Let my mind know for certain. And stand firm so that it fills me with wisdom that makes me fit for the company of Thy servants. Put me among those who are fearing when Thou will send the Last Imam (atfs),

Just as Thou elected Ibrahim, the beloved one as the Imam, For certainly, with Thy consent and guidance, the chosen successful attain their end; Turn repentant to Thee the penitent; Worship Thee the devotees;

With the help of Thy “True Path”, Remain upright the honest, praiseworthy and secluded worshippers, And take refuge with Thee. On account of the direction in the right way, Thou shows the relieved save themselves from the fire, and those who remain on guard against evil get mercy and forgiveness.

When forsaken by Thee the triers suffer losses, The transgressing oppressors are cast into Hell, The careless are neglected.

O my Allah! Give me peace of mind to a restful soul, For Thou controls the soul, and refines him who keeps it pure.

O my Allah! Render it clear and let it feel relieved, Overfill it with wisdom and piety, bless it with inner satisfaction, Through Thy mercy, when Thou stimulates it, And let it take quarters in the pleasant surroundings of the exalted sanctuary, Make it noble, Let it grow in substance, and develop, Be kind when its turn comes to depart, And when it reaches the permanent abode, To live there forever, allow it to dwell in Paradise, Because Thou art its Friend, and its Master.

O Allah! Send blessings on Mohammad (pbuhh) and on the Family of Mohammad (pbut).

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