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Supplication of Umm Dawood

In the word of Shaykh al-Tusiy, in his book of ‘Misbah al-Mutahajjid,’ one who intended to do this act is required to observe fasting on the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth days of Rajab. At the midday of the fifteenth, one should bathe himself. After midday, one should offer the obligatory Zuhr and `Asr Prayers so excellently that one should do all the parts perfectly. It is advisable to be in a vacant place so as not to be engaged with anything and not to be addressed by anyone. When the (obligatory) prayer is accomplished, one should face the kiblah and recite Surah of al-Fatihah one hundred times, Surah of al-Tawhed one hundred times, and Ayat al-Kursiy ten times. Afterward, Surahs of al-An`am (No. 6), al-Isra’ (also called Bane-Isra'el; No. 17), al-Kahf (No. 18), Luqman (No. 31), Yasen (No. 36), al-Wasaffat (No. 37), al-Zukhruf (No. 43), al-Shura (No. 42), Al-Dukhan (No. 44), al-Fath (No. 48), al-Waqi`ah (No. 56), al-Mulk (No. 67), al-Qalam (No. 68), al-Inshiqaq (No. 84) and all the Surahs following up to the end of the Holy Qur'an.

After reciting all these Surahs, one may, still facing the kiblah, recite the following:

True are the words of Allah, the All-great,

there is no god save Him,

the Ever-living, the Eternal,

The Lord of Majesty and Honor

the All-beneficent, the All-merciful

the Forbearing, the All-generous;

there is nothing like Him,

and He is the All-hearing, the All-knowing,

the All-seeing, the All-aware.

Allah bears witness that there is no god but He,

and (so do) the angels and those possessed of knowledge,

maintaining His creation with justice;

there is no god but He, the Mighty, the Wise.

and His noble Messengers have conveyed the mission,

and I am of those who bear witness to that.

O Allah! to You belongs praise,

and to You belongs glory,

and to You belongs might,

and to You belongs pride,

and to You belongs supreme power

and to You belong bounties,

and to You belongs greatness,

and to You belongs mercy,

and to You belongs reverence,

and to You belongs sovereignty,

and to You belongs beauty,

and to You belongs benevolence,

and to You belongs glorification,

and to You belongs holiness,

and to You belongs the confession of Your being the One and Only God,

and to You belongs the confession of Your being the most Great Lord

and to You belongs that which is seen,

and to You belongs that which is not seen

and to You belongs that which is far above the high heavens,

and to You belongs that which is deep down under the abyss,

and to You belong the worlds below the heavens,

and to You belong the end and the beginning,

and to You is all thanks and all praise

and all gratitude, and all bliss as much as it pleases You.

O Allah: please send blessings on Gabriel,

the trustee on Your revelations,

the firm in conveying Your orders

and the obeyed in Your heavens and the places where Your honoring lies

and the bearer of Your Words,

and the supporter of Your Prophets

and the terminator of Your enemies.

O Allah: please send blessings upon Mikael,

the angel of Your mercy,

and the one created for showing Your kindness,

and the one seeking forgiveness and assisting the people of the obedience to You.

O Allah: please send blessings upon Israfel,

the bearer of Your Throne,

and the one in charge of the Trumpet (that declares the Resurrection Day),

and the one waiting for Your order,

the one apprehensive and fearful of You.

O Allah: please send blessings upon the pure angels who bear Your Throne,

and upon the scribes—the noble,

the virtuous, and the immaculate—

and upon Your angels; the virtuous recorders of the deeds,

and upon the angels of gardens of Paradise,

and upon the keepers of Hellfire,

and upon the Angel of Death and his assistants;

O the Lord of Majesty and Honor.

O Allah: please send blessings upon our father Adam:

the foremost of Your creation,

whom You honored by making Your angels prostrate themselves before him,

and whom You allowed to dwell in Your Paradise.

O Allah: send blessings upon our mother Eve:

the purified from filth,

the cleaned from dirt,

the favorite from among the humankind,

the allowed to visit the places of sanctity.

O Allah: send blessings upon Abel and Shayth

and Idres and Noah,

and Hud and Salih

and Ibrahim and Ishmael,

and Ishaq and Yaqoub,

and Joseph and the Tribes,

and Lut and Shu`ayb

and Ayyoub and Musa

and Haroon and Yusha

and Micah and al-Khizr,

and Dhu’l-Qarnayn (the two-horned) and Yunus

and Elias and Elizya,

and Dhu’l-Kifl and Talut,

and Dawood and Solomon,

and Zachariah and Shayah

and Yahya and Turakh

and Matti and Jeremiah

and Habakkuk and Daniel

and Ezra and Isa

and Simon and Georges

and the Apostles and the Followers,

and Khalid and Hanzalah and Luqman.

O Allah: send blessings upon Mohammad and the Household of Mohammad,

and have mercy upon Mohammad and the Household of Mohammad,

and send benedictions upon Mohammad and the Household of Mohammad,

in the same way as You have sent blessings, had mercy, and send benedictions upon Ibrahim and the Household of Ibrahim,

You are verily worthy of all praise, full of all glory.

O Allah: send blessings upon the Successors: the happy,

the witnesses, and the leaders to the true guidance.

O Allah: send blessings upon the Substitutes (whom shall be given the favor of participating with Imam al-Mahdi’s campaigns) and the loftiest personalities,

and those observing fasting with devotion, and those who ardently serve You,

and those whom You have chosen, and the ascetic servants,

and the people of painstaking and hardworking deeds.

and give Mohammad and his Household exclusively the best of Your blessings,

and the most abundant of Your favors,

and convey to his soul and body my greetings and compliments,

and give him more favors, honor, and esteem,

so that You will make him attain the most elevated ranks of the honored ones,

among the Prophets and the Messengers,

and the virtuous, favorable ones.

O Allah: send blessings upon those whose names I have mentioned or I have not,

among Your angels and Prophets

and Messengers and obedient servants.

and convey my prayers of sending blessings to them and to their souls,

and make them my brethren in You,

and my helpers in my praying You.

O Allah: I seek Your intercession for me to You,

and I seek Your honor in the name of Your honor,

and I seek Your magnanimity in the name of Your magnanimity,

and I seek Your mercy in the name of Your mercy,

and in the name of the people of the obedience to You.

and I thus beseech You, O Allah, in the name of all the things by whose names those people have besought You,

including the honorable requests that is never rejected by You,

and all the responded and non-disappointing prayers that they have asked from You

O Allah: O the All-beneficent; O the All-merciful;

O the All-forbearing; O the All-generous; O the All-great;

O the All-majestic; O the Bestower; O the All-munificent;

O the Surety; O the Dependable; O the Rescuer;

O the Protector; O the All-aware;

O the All-luminous; O the Eradicator (of the wrongdoers);

O the Shielding; O the Grantor of victory; O the Assuring;

O the All-big; O the All-powerful; O the All-seer;

O the most Ready to appreciate (servitude); O the All-benign;

O the Source of purity; O the All-pure;

O the Omnipotent; O the Evident;

O the Immanent; O the Concealer;

O the All-encompassing; O the All-prevailing;

O the All-guarding; O the Invincible;

O the Nigh; O the Loving;

O the All-praised; O the full of all glory;

O the Originator; O Reproducer; O the Witness;

O the All-liberal; O the All-bountiful

O the Source of all bounties; O the Doer of favors

O the Straitening; O the Enlarger;

O the Guide; O the Sender;

O the Director; O the Leader (to the right);

O the Giver; O the Forbidder;

O the Encourager; O the Raiser;

O the Eternal; O the Shelter;

O the Creator; O the Endower;

O the Accepter of repentance; O the Decider;

O the Donator; O the Source of rest;

O He Who has in possessions the clues of all things;

O the Source of profit; O the All-kind O the All-sympathetic;

O the Securer; O the Healer;

O the Curer; O the Awarder;

O the Faithful; O the Dominant;

O the Almighty; O the All-potent

O the Superb; the Giver of peace; the Grantor of security;

O the Only One; O the Besought of all;

O Noor; O the Manager (of all affairs);

O the Single; O the Lone

O the Holy; O the Giver of victory;

O the Source of entertainment; O the Resurrector; O the Inheritor (of all things);

O the All-knowing; O the final Judge;

O the Originator; O the Exalted;

O the Maker of visions; O the Grantor of safety; O the Amiable;

O the Watcher; O the Everlasting;

O the Knowing; O the Wise;

O the All-magnanimous; O the Maker;

O the Caring; O the Source of pleasure;

O the Fair; O the Distinguisher (between the right and the wrong);

O the Master; O the All-nice; O the Favorer;

O the All-hearer; O the best Maker;

O the Observer; O the Helper;

O the Extender (of mercy); O the Forgiver;

O the Eternal; O the Alleviator; O the Reliever;

O He Who causes to die; O the Grantor of life;

O the Grantor of benefits; O the Provider of sustenance;

O the All-competent; O the Creator of causes;

O the Aide; O the Grantor of wealth; O the Giver to hold;

O the Creator; O the Onlooker; O the One;

O the Present; O the Mender;

O the Safeguarding; O the Firm (in punishment);

O the Aid; O the Donor; O the Straitening;

O He Who has mounted to the most elevated point;

He thus occupies the most exalted site;

O He Who has approached so closely that He has become the nearest of all things;

and, at the same time, He has been so far that He is in the furthest point;

and He has known the secret and even what is more hidden;

O He to Whom all management is relegated and to Whom all measures are referred;

O He for Whom the most difficult thing is easy and simple;

O He Who has power over anything that He wills;

O He Who sends forth the wind;

O He Who causes the dawn to break;

O He Who revives the spirits;

O the Lord of magnanimity and lenience;

O He Who has the power to restore that which has been missed;

O He Who resurrects the dead bodies;

O He Who draws together the dispersal;

O He Who provides sustenance to whomever He wants without measure;

O He Who has the power to do whatever He wills however He wills;

O the Lord of Majesty and Honor;

O the Ever-living; O the Eternal;

O He Who existed when there existed nothing else;

O the Ever-living; O the Reviver of the dead;

O the Ever-living; there is no god save You;

the excellent Maker of the heavens and the earth.

O my God and my Master:

(please do) send blessings upon Mohammad and the Household of Mohammad,

and have mercy upon Mohammad and the Household of Mohammad

and send benedictions upon Mohammad and the Household of Mohammad

in the same way as You have sent blessings and benedictions and had mercy upon Ibrahim and the household of Ibrahim.

You are verily worthy of all praise and full of all glory.

and have mercy upon my humiliation and neediness,

and upon my poverty and loneliness and aloneness,

and my humbleness before You

and my reliance upon You

and my submission before You.

I implore You with the imploring of the humble, the subservient,

the fearful, the scared

the afraid, the miserable,

the modest, the insignificant,

the hungry, the poor,

the seeker of Your refuge and the seeker of Your protection,

the confessing of his sin,

the seeker of Your forgiveness from his sin,

the humble to his Lord;

and with the imploration of one whom has been disappointed by those whom he trusts,

and the one whom is rejected by his intimate ones,

and the one whose catastrophe has been enormous;

and with the imploration of one burning and sad,

and weak and mortified,

and depressed and wretched,

and one who is resorting to Your shelter.

O Allah: I also beseech You for You are the King,

and for that whatever You will shall definitely take place,

and for that You have power over all things.

and I beseech You in the name of this sacred month’s holiness,

and the Sacred House (Baytul Haram),

and the Sacred Town,

and the Rukn (i.e. the corner of the Holy Kaabah) and the Maqam (i.e. the standing-place of Prophet Abraham)

and the great rituals,

and in the name of Your Prophet, Mohammad—peace be upon him and his Household.

O He Who gave Shayth to Adam,

and He Who gave Ismael and Ishaq to Ibraham,

and He Who returned Yusuf to Yaqoub,

and He Who relieved Job from his harm after long hardships.

O He Who returned Musa to his mother,

and He Who increased al-Khizr with knowledge,

and He Who gave Solomon to Dawood,

and He Who gave Yahya to Zachariah,

and He Who gave Isa to Mariam;

O He Who safeguarded the daughter of Shu`ayb;

O He Who cared for the son of the mother of Musa;

I beseech You to send blessings upon Mohammad and the Household of Mohammad

and to forgive my all sins,

and to save me from Your chastisement,

and to confer upon me with Your pleasure and security,

and with Your favoring, forgiveness, and gardens of Your Paradise,

and I ask You to redeem me from all circles of misfortune

that are drawn around those who intend harm to me and me,

and to unlock for me all doors,

and make easy for me all hardships,

and to alleviate for me all difficult matters,

and to mute all those who speak ill of me,

and to defend me against all oppressors,

and suppress all my enemies and envious ones,

and to protect me against all unjust ones,

and to rescue me from all impediments that lie between my needs and me,

and that try to take me away from acts of obedience to You,

and that try to frustrate me from serving You.

O He Who has bridled all mutinous jinn,

and has overcome all tyrannical devils,

and has mortified the necks of the oppressors,

and has deterred all the ruling authorities from harming the enfeebled ones:

I beseech You in the name of Your power over all things

and in the name of Your alleviating whatever You will however You will

that You may settle my requests as You will.

You may then prostrate yourself on the ground, turn your cheek on the ground, and say the following:

O Allah: I am prostrating myself before You,

and I have full faith in You,

So, (please) have mercy upon my humility and neediness,

and upon my hardship and meekness,

and upon my paucity and my want to You, O my Lord.

One should try to shed even a single drop of tear, for this is the signal of admission.

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