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Adilah Supplication

And the term "Adilah" at the moment of death means to lapse or to convert one's belief from the truth towards the falsehood. Satan attends near the dying person tempting him to make him doubtful about his religion so that he makes him faithless; and that is why it has been instructed to seek refuge from it. In this regard Fakhr al-Muhaqqiqin has written, "Whoever wishes to save himself from Adilah should recall the evidences of the faith and its five principles with their unquestionable proofs and with the purity of interior, and should trust it to Allah so that Allah, the Exalted would give it back to him at the death time. So, after recalling the true beliefs, one should recite:

O Allah, the most Merciful of the Merciful, I pray for true belief, and for steady and permanent faith.

Thou art the best responder to requests We have been commanded to honor entrusted deposits, so render my account at the time of death.

The following is Adilah Supplication;

In the Name of Allah, the All-merciful, the All-compassionate Allah testifies that indeed there is no god but He. The angels and possessors of wisdom justly declare that

there is no god but He, the Almighty, the All-Wise. Verily the religion of Allah is Islam.

I, a feeble servant, sinful, guilty, insignificant, needy, destitute,

am a witness of my Benefactor, My Creator, my Sustainer, and my liberal Patron, just as He Himself testifies and as do the Angels

and the possessors of wisdom, His servants, that verily There is no Allah but He, possessor of bounties and favors, generosity and blessings,

Almighty, Ever-Lasting, Knowing, Eternal, Ever-Living, One, Ever-Existent, without beginning or end, Hearing, Seeing, Willing, Discriminating, Aware, Independent.

Worthy is He of all these attributes, yet His is the very highest degree of His attributes:

He was All-Powerful prior to the existence of might and power. He was All-Knowing before the origination of knowledge and reason.

He does not cease to be Absolutely Sovereign if there is no kingdom or possession. He remains Glorious under all circumstances.

His Being is before all precedence in the pre-eternity of sempiternity. His Remaining will be after all endings without any extinction or disappearance.

He is self-Sufficient at the beginning and at the end, Independent in what concealed and what is apparent

There is no injustice in His Judgment, no unfairness in His Management, no oppression in His Administration,

no escaping His Sovereignty, no running away from His Firm Grip, no avoiding to His punishment. His mercy overtakes His Wrath. He allows no one to be absent when summoned by Him,

but makes allowance on account of illness or genuine difficulties. He leaves the door open for the weak and the noble to fall into line, gives the capacity to observe His commandments

and makes easy the means and ways of abstaining from forbidden conduct. He does not make obedience a burden, but according to one's real capacity

He is Unique and Single in His Glory, Most Distinct in His Generosity, and Glorious in His Dignity and Glory, Most magnificent are His gifts, and His favors are surely countless.

He sent down prophets to elaborate His Justice, appointed legatees to make known His Power and Generosity,

and put us among the community of the Seal of Prophets, the closest friend of Allah, the outstandingly pure,

the exceptionally blameless, Mohammad, may Allah bless Him and His Progeny and grant Them peace.

We believed in Him and in what He called us to, and We believed in the Holy Qur'an which He (Allah) revealed to Him,

and in His successor, Ali (pbut), appointed by Him on the day of Ghadir, and distinguished by calling Him by name.

I testify that the pious Imams (pbut) and the righteous successors, after the chosen Messenger are: Ali (pbut), the subduer of kafirs (unbelievers),

after Him, His eldest son, al-Hasan (pbut) ibn 'Ali (pbut),

thereafter the grandson of Him (Mohammad saw) with whom Allah was pleased, His (Imam Hasan asws) brother, al-Hussein (pbut), then the Slave of Allah, Ali (Zainul Abideen) (pbut),

then the Plentiful ,Mohammad al-Baqir(pbut), then, the Truthful Jafar as-Sadiq (pbut) then, the Sagacious Musa al-Kazim (pbut), then the Devoted Ali al-Rida (pbut),

then the Pious Mohammad al-Taqi (pbut), then the Pure Ali al-Naqi (pbut), then the Gatherer Hasan al-'Askari (pbut),

then the decisive Hujjat (proof), the awaited saviour, the expected al Mahdi (atfs):

whose living energy preserves the world, whose sanction conserves the means of livelihood, whose existence makes firm and strong the heavens and the earth.

Through Him Allah will fill the earth with equity and justice, when it is overrun with tyranny and oppression.

I bear witness that Their words are decisive proofs, to follow Their example is obligatory, to obey Them is compulsory,

to love Them is necessary and pre-ordained, to take after Them is sure salvation, to oppose Them is certain destruction.

They are the Masters of the people of paradise, effective helpers on the Day of Judgment,

the best guides for the mankind, surely the best approved successors.

I testify that death is certain, interrogation by Munkar and Nakir in the grave is certain, the raising of the dead is certain,

the Resurrection is true, the Sirat (bridge) is true, the Meezan (scale) is true, the Hasab (accountability) is true, the Kitab (Book) is true,

Paradise is true, Hell is true, and certainly there is no doubt in the hour of resurrection. Verily, Allah shall raise the dead from their graves.

O Allah, l hope to receive Thy favor, Thy Generosity and Thy Mercy I hope for to attain paradise,

for my conduct gives me no right to obtain Thy Favor as I have not been obedient,

except that I believe in Thy Oneness and Thy Justice.

I depend upon Thy favors and Thy generosity. Accommodate me for the sake of my Prophet (pbuhh) and His Progeny (pbut), the beloved. Thou art the Most Generous, and the Most Merciful.

Allah, bless the best creature, Mohammad (pbuhh), and His pious and pure Progeny (pbut) and give Them abundant peace!

There is no authority and no might except with Allah, the High, the Great.

O Allah, the most Merciful of the Merciful, I pray for true belief, and for steady and permanent faith. Thou art the best responder to requests

We have been commanded to honor entrusted deposits, so render my account at the time of death, through Thy mercy, O the most Merciful of the merciful.

Author's note: The following supplication is among the supplication related from the Infallible Imams (pbut):

O Allah, I seek refuge with Thee from the counterweight in reckoning upon death.

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