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The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth

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Sleeping Outside your Home

O, Dear Sister...

Avoid sleeping outside your home… unless it was for an emergent or special case; only exceptionally and rarely.

Avoid it because your home is more safe for you since you know all its exits and corners… and it is not good that you become known as a person who easily sleeps outside the home... to preserve your religion and life…. And because such an act facilitates others to approach and reach you…. Away from the supervision, experience and care of your parents….

However, if you exceptionally had to sleep outside for a certain work, travel or other reason, get introduced to the entrances, exists, ablution places and toilets, and supply yourself with all your needs for your prayers and others, before you intend to remove your clothes off... and pay attention to that a lot.

* Book: O, Dear Sister. By Sayyed Sami Bin Hassan Khadra.

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