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The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth

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Your Walking Manner

O, Dear Sister…

While walking, don’t swing or slant to the right or left as does, God forbid, the actresses, the low women and the top-models.

Don’t do alertive movements or actions, or even dreaming glances, and don’t talk or laugh with a loud voice; moreover, don’t over-move your hands and body and avoid attractive smiles…

Infact, the conventional rules of behavior for women and men are alike:
Lower one’s eye-sight, equipoised walking, respect and tranquility and humble walking.

God Al-Mighty said: And the servants of the Beneficent God are they who walk on the earth in humbleness﴿. The Criterion-63; i.e., they are humble and lenient with people.

And He said also: And pursue the right course in your going about and lower your voice﴿. Luqman-19

Also, never giggle and swagger, for the land with what’s beneath it and above it would curse you.

God Al-Mighty said: And don’t turn your face away from people in contempt, nor go about in the land exulting overmuch﴿. Luqman-18; i.e., exceeding moderation limits, which is prevalent by thoughtlessness, the actions, sayings, movements... and walking particularly.

* Book: O, Dear Sister. By Sayyed Sami Bin Hassan Khadra.

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