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Scents and Perfumes

O, Dear Sister...

Avoid the exhalation of odors which tempt the others, if you walked by them, or were in class, a teacher or student, or in a congregation or in the elevator... as how many times did your odor arouse the men!!!

You have to be totally precautious when using perfumes or scents outside your home, whether used directly or indirectly:

‘Directly’ is when you put it intentionally on your clothes and body.
And ‘Indirectly’ is what remains within the clothes from previous usages, and such clothes are wore without paying attention to their scents.

So, my chaste sister, if you wanted to wear perfume, don’t go out of your home or change your clothes or wear the perfume whose scent fade away quickly, as what has been said that women’s scent has color but no odor.

While she who becomes an infatuation for males, is whom the Prophet (PBUHH) had said about: “Whichever woman who is scented and passes by a group, and they smell her scent, she is an adulteress”. Mezan al hikma- hadeeth 11034

* Book: O, Dear Sister. By Sayyed Sami Bin Hassan Khadra.

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