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The Dress

O, Dear Sister...

Watch the way you dress, and don’t wear what reflects the attention of the degraded and low people; those who wish to flirt with you, so you become a free gazing-stock to them!!!

Protect yourself with dignified clothing and the spiritual veil “hijab” which your God privileged you with, and it was for nothing but your benefit as He isn’t in need to you.

Leave the clothes which show parts of your body, and the short clothing that doesn’t give you anything but shame and separation from God; moreover, the flimsy transparent clothes, which turn heads around you, and the tight clothes, which reveal your honorable body parts, so it becomes tempting to others…. (This not only concerns females, but also in many cases, the males as well).

Also, be aware, if you weren’t an Aba wearer, not to wear bright colors and outrageous cloth styles which divert people’s attention to you… Don’t be fooled by those who say that wearing as such is for beauty reasons!!!

For what contradicts God’s legislation holds no good whatever titled or given excuses for... Infact, it is satan’s embellishment.

And my dear respectful sister, you have to avoid, what has become widely spread, from revealing wedding and celebration dresses and what is called “mawled” (nativity)... Even if you were only with women, as much of these is inappropriate clothing… which is only permissible infront of your husband… True, it is allowed for women to reveal certain body parts infront of other women, but not in a way that humiliates you infront of them... This is given the title of “fashionable clothing”, which is defined as unsuitable clothing in shape, color and embroidery…

And it is so strange what is being said: that everything becomes permissible in such occasions!!! As you see women transforming, in an hour, into “super models”; not only that, but also they “burst” into dancing actions and screams of what they call chanting or singing…

And the aware and respectful girl, and with no effort, feels the sense of “vengeance” that such women exhibit, as if they are revenging to what the religion has legislated on them!!

O, Gracious Al-Mighty, highly exalted are You, above what they ascribe.

My kind sister,

Similar to what has just been mentioned, is the “swim suit” wore in the ladies’ pools and special places… Some is improper unless for the husband, while others are indecent at all… Restrict yourself with the appropriate…

And she who is just, fair and of innate qualities won’t do wrong…

My dear sister,

To give the advice its due for full, it is necessary to reflect your attention to “high heels” which alarm people on the streets, building entrances, in big halls or selling shops…. if you walked on marble or similar floors.

God Al-Mighty said: And let them not strike their feet so that what they hide of their ornaments may be known﴿. The Light-31

* Book: O, Dear Sister. By Sayyed Sami Bin Hassan Khadra.

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