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Inadvertent Prostrations

When does the inadvertent prostration become mandatory?

1. Inadvertent speaking
2. Forgetting the performance of a prostration when going beyond its position
3. Forgetting the performance of bearing witness when going beyond its position
4. Performing salutations in its inappropriate position
5. Doubting between the fourth and the fifth bows

Time to perform the inadvertent prostration:

The inadvertent prostration must be performed after the prayers immediately. Should the worshiper forget to perform it, or intentionally refrain from performing it, the prayer is considered to be correct although it must be performed immediately.

How to perform the inadvertent prostration:

After performing the intention for the inadvertent prostration, it is recommended to recite Takbirat Al-Ihram (Allah is Great). Then, you have to perform two prostrations during which one is preferred to say: "In the Name of Allah, and by Allah, Peace be upon you, O Prophet, and Allah's Mercy and Blessings be upon you". Following the two prostrations, you should bear the witness and perform the salutation.

Fulfillment of the forgotten prostration and bearing witness

In the case of forgetting the bearing witness or one of the two prostrations, the worshiper must fulfill them immediately after the termination of the performance of prayers. So, the prostration or bearing witness must be performed in the intention of Qadha (fulfillment of an act after going beyond its position). Then, you should perform the inadvertent prostration.

Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the world

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