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The House of the Imam was Like the Dwelling of the Poorest Residents of Najaf

Around the bend of one of the narrow lanes in which the houses in order to guard against the sizzling sun were built very close to each other was the humble dwelling of Ayatullah Khomeini. This house was like the dwelling of the poorest residents of Najaf.

In the three rooms of the house, a maximum number of twelve of those closest to him resided. In this humble dwelling, there was no sign of the leaders of the revolt or the leaders of the opposition front who were living in exile. We were received by the Ayatullah in a room measuring 3 x 4 meters in a house that was located farthest from the center of the city of Najaf. A city that from the geographical point of view is located in the worst region of Iraq.

* By: le Monde journalist

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