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The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth

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Greetings of Peace to you, O Imam!

The Imam was extremely fond of people. He despised situations that created a superior being out of him and would prevent such situations. On the route he took along the Ark Lane there was a provision store whose proprietor was a person by the name of Haj Ghulam. One day this person was sitting outside his store on a tin can under the shelter of a wall. He placed one foot over the other and was holding a chain in his hand which he kept rotating. When the Imam reached his shop he greeted Haj Ghulam. He did not recognize us and in the same state that he was in with foot placed on one another and rotating the chain, he replied: “Peace on you, are you fine?”

* By: Ayatullah Musawi Khoeyniha

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