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The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth

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He Was Extremely Respectful in His Approach

The public relations of the Imam were so strong that despite all the problems and responsibilities that he had, at times individuals would come to him and discuss family quarrels. One day a young man came to the office of the Imam while wearing worn out clothes and being on a hunger strike asked to meet with the Imam. However much the colleagues insisted that he tell them about his problem but he refused and did not agree to end his hunger strike. He further said that the meeting must be absolutely private and if any person was to enter the room, he would stop talking. The matter was reported to the Imam. Although it was risky and dangerous that a young man without proper identity should meet with the Imam in private and alone, nevertheless the Imam accepted. This young man went to the Imam and asked a series of irrelevant questions. But although his problem was very irrelevant, yet the Imam’s attitude towards him was extremely respectful.

* By: Hujjat al-Islam Muhammad ‘Ali Ansari

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