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Night of 7th Rajab

The Holy prophet (pbuh&hh) says that if a person recites 4 unit prayers on the night of 7th rajab, (such that in each unit after Surah al Hamd recites Surat at Tawheed thrice, Surah alFalaq once, Surah an Naas once. After finishing prayers recites 10 Salwaat &10 times Tasbeehate Arba’).

Allah will offer him shelter under the Arsh, & give him reward of a person fasting in the month of ramdan. Till the time he finishes the prayers, the angels pray for his forgiveness. Allah will ease the pangs of death on him & save him from the squeeze in the grave. He will not die unless he sees his place in Paradise, & will be safe from the hardships of Qiyamat.

All glory be to Allah;

all praise be to Allah;

there is no god save Allah;

and Allah is the Greatest

Salwaat- O Allah, (Please) send blessings to Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad,

The reference for this 4 unit prayer is in Iqbal al-A'maal of Sayyid ibn Tawus vol. 2 p. 261 where he mentions:

10 salawaat and the tasbihaat are to be recited after the completion of the prayer & not in the prayer itself.

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