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The First Day of Ramadan

The recommended acts on the first day of Ramadan are as follows:

First: It is recommended to bathe oneself in flowing water and to pour on the head thirty handfuls of water, for such a deed brings about security against all pains and ailments up to the next year.

Second: It is recommended to wash one’s face with a handful of rose water so as to be saved against humiliation and poverty, and to pour some of it on the head so as to be saved from pleurisy.

It is recommended to offer the first of the month prayer that consists of two units and to give alms after it.

Fourth: It is recommended to offer a prayer of two units at the first of which Surah of al-Fatihah and Surah of al-Fath (No. 48) should be recited and at the second unit, Surah of al-Fatihah and any other Surah should be recited. If one offers this prayer, Almighty Allah will save him from all evils and will keep him under His custody up to the next year.

Fifth: When the dawn breaks forth, it is recommended to say the following supplication:

O Allah: the month of Ramadan has commenced,

And You have made obligatory upon us to observe fasting during it,

And You revealed the Qur'an in it,

As guidance for people and clear proofs of true guidance and distinction (between the right and the wrong).

O Allah: (please) help us observe fasting in it,

And accept it from us,

And receive it from us (with acceptance)

And keep it sound for us with easiness and good health from You.

You verily have power over all things.

Sixth: If one has not had the opportunity to say it at night, it is recommended to say the supplication number forty-four of the al-Sahifah al-Kamilah al-Sajjadiyyah, which has been previously cited.

Seventh: In his book of ‘Zad al-Ma`ad’, `Allamah al-Majlisiy has mentioned that al-Kulayniy, al-Tusiy, and others, through an authentic series of narrators, have reported Imam Musa al-Ka¨im (a.s) as saying, “Say the following supplication in the month of Ramadan—on the first day of it, as is understood by scholars—for if one prays Almighty Allah with this supplication purely and without associating any false purposes or showing off, he will be saved, throughout that year, from all seditious and misleading matters as well as all afflictions that may injure his religion or his body; and Almighty Allah will save him from the evils of all the misfortunes that will occur in that year.” The supplication is as follows:

O Allah I beseech You, in the name of Your name before which everything kneels down

in the name of Your mercy which encompasses everything;

in the name of Your greatness which dwarfs everything;

in the name of Your power which subdues everything;

in the name of Your control which dominates everything;

in the name of Your omnipotence which overreaches and possesses everything;

in the name of Your knowledge which knows everything;

O Light, O Holy,

O Ever Foremost, before everything;

O Ever-living after all things.

O Allah, O Beneficent,

send blessings on Mohammad and on the Household of Mohammad,

and forgive me for my sins which alter the course of the flowing bounties;

forgive me for my sins which bring in punishment;

forgive me for my sins which cut off hope;

forgive me for my sins which give a chance to the enemies to lay hands on me;

forgive me for my sins which render the prayers unacceptable,

forgive me for my sins which make me liable to suffer misfortunes;

forgive me for my sins which let the galloping venom from above takes hold of me;

forgive me for my sins which lay bare that which had been sealed and forgotten;

forgive me for my sins which whip off destruction;

forgive me for my sins which leave behind remorse in its trail;

forgive me for my sins which tear up my integrity to pieces;

and surround me with Your impregnable protective covering which never goes out of order,

and keep me safe from the evil which may frighten me by threats, day in and day out, throughout this year.

O Allah, the Lord of the seven heavens

and the seven (layers of) the earth and all that is therein and all that is between them,

the Lord of the Great Throne,

the Lord of the seven oft-repeated verses and the matchless Quran,

The Lord of (Archangels) Israfil, Michael, and Gabriel,

and the Lord of Mohammad, blessings of Allah be on him and on his Household, the Chief of the Messengers, the Last Prophet.

I beseech You in Your name and in name of that which You referred to Yourself

O the Greatest, You are He who distributes bounties freely, protects the frightened, adds more and more to the free gifts,

Repels all avoided things,

Gives all abundant things,

doubles the recompense of good deeds done occasionally or frequently.

You do what You wills.

O Omnipotent, O Allah, O Beneficent,

send blessings on Mohammad and on his Household

and surround me, during this year, with Your protection,

let Your light beautify my face,

let Your love draw me closest to You,

let Your pleasure to reach me

As well as Your excellent generosity,

And Your weighty rewards

Give me from the good that You have

and from the good You gives to any one from among Your creation;

and with that kind of Your protection keep me safe.

O He who (alone) settles all complaints,

O He who (alone) sees clearly through what hearts and minds desire secretly,

O He who (alone) knows full well that which is kept undisclosed,

O He who (alone) protects from misfortunes (whenever He wills),

O He who (alone) is the oft-forgiving compassionate,

O He who (alone) overlooks faults,

let me depart from this world adhering to the disposition and creed of Prophet Abraham,

following the religion and way of life of Mohammad (blessings of Allah be on him and on his Household)

-the best departure, in love of Your friends,

cut off with Your enemies.

O Allah keep me far off, during his year, from that general course of life, in words or deeds, which removes me to a distance far away from You.

and keep me close to that general course of life, in words and deeds, which bring me nearest to You, during this year,

O the Most Merciful of all those who show mercy.

Prevent me from a mode of action, in words and deeds, if done, it is feared, will produce evil as a result,

on account of which I am scared of Your logical aversion;

and I am afraid lest Your kind disposition may change direction

and I am restrained from obtaining my share of good fortune,

O Compassionate, O Merciful.

O Allah keep me, throughout this year, under Your protection,

nearest Your closeness, right inside Your shelter,

and cover and clad me with Your protective covering

and give me Your love and kindness as a free gift;

verify whoso takes refuge with You is loved and looked after thoroughly;

glorious and sublime is Your praise;

and there is no god other than You.

O Allah give me insight to follow the example of the upright (from among Your trusted friends) who penetrated more deeply in every matter and carried it out to perfection;

and let me be closely tied up with them;

and believe that which they said on Your behalf truthfully,

I take refuge with You O my Allah from that which may surround me in a state of siege within the enclosure of errors, ignorance,

disintegration, daydreaming,

swallowing up in carnal desires,

(because of which) there is a barrier between me and Your mercy and pleasure;

it consigned me to oblivion,

and invited Your displeasure and censure.

so that it helps me to obtain Your nearness and Your pleasure.

O Allah prepare me to do good under all circumstances,

O Allah just as You did everything possible (nothing is impossible for Him) to help Your Prophet Mohammad (blessings of Allah be on him and on his Household) put terror in the hearts of his enemies,

removed his anxieties,

dispersed his troubles,

proved true the promise You made with him,

and carried out to completion the undertaking You took up for him;

(O Allah) in like manner keep me safe from fearful things and events, during this year,

and from its logical consequences — outrage, havoc,

confusion, evil,

sorrow; and the economic distress it perpetuates;

and through Your mercy make available for me conclusive welfare

from the everlasting bounties till to the last moment of my life.

I put forward a petition to You just like a person who has transgressed and did wrong to (others), but surrenders and makes a clean confession.

I beseech You to forgive those earlier sins

which are counted by Your Preserving Angels

and which have been recorded by Your appointed Angels;

And, O Allah, protect me against sinning

In the rest of lifetime up to my death

O Allah! O Beneficent! O Merciful!

Send blessings on Mohammad and on the Household of Mohammad,

and give me as a gift that which I have asked for and for which I turned to You (alone) with hope and expectation,

because it was You who ordered me to pray You

And thus You have promised of response.

O the most Merciful of all those who show mercy.

It is worth mentioning that Sayyid Ibn Tawus has mentioned this supplication within the recommended acts of the first night of Ramadan.

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