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The Thirtieth of Ramadan

For the last day of Ramadan, Sayyid Ibn Tawus has mentioned the following supplication1:

O Allah: verily, You are the most Merciful of all those who show mercy.

There is no god save You.

You have done us the favor of guiding us (to the true path)

And You have bestowed upon us with the favor of making us recognize You,

And You have done us the grace of helping us carry out that which You have made obligatory upon us,

Which is the observance of fasting during Your month; the month of Ramadan.

So, all praise be to You with the all forms of praising You,

For all of Your bounties,

So that praise will attain the stage that You like and please.

And this is the last day in the month of Ramadan;

If it lapses, then (please) seal it for us with happiness and mercy and forgiveness

And sustenance that is expansive, abundant and pleasant,

For which You will not settle an account with nor will You torture us,

And (also) blessing and triumph and winning Paradise

And release from Hellfire.

And (please) do not decide this month to be the last one in our lifetimes,

And (please) make the (coming) month to commence carrying to us the best of goodness and blessing and pleasure

For me and for my family (i.e. wife) and for my parents and for my offspring; O the All-generous (Lord).

O Allah: This is the month of Ramadan,

In which You revealed the Qur'an

As guidance for people and as clear proofs of true guidance and distinction (between the right and the wrong).

And it has come to its end;

Therefore, I seek the protection of Your Noble Face against that the sun sets on this day

Or dawn rises to put end to this night

But I am still liable for a sin or an offense

And You want to punish me for it on the day when I will meet You.

O He Who made the iron pliant for (Prophet) David;

O He Who removed the great agony from (Prophet) Job;

(please) send blessings upon Mohammad and the Household of Mohammad

And grant me release from Hellfire

And from all offenses and sins for which I am liable before You

And (please) seal my life with Your satisfaction and Paradise.

O Allah: O the most Merciful of all those who show mercy;

(please) send blessings upon Mohammad and upon his Household—the blessed and the virtuous—

And shower upon them thorough greeting.

Recite supplication that is reported by Shaykh al-Tusiy from Imam `Ali Amer al-Mu'minen (AS):

O Allah: (please) expand my breast through the Qur'an

And use my body for the Qur'an

And enlighten my sight by the Qur'an

And make my tongue eloquent by the Qur'an

And help me carry out its duty as long as You keep me alive,

For there is neither power nor might save with You.

It is recommended, too, to say the following supplication that is reported from Imam `Ali Amer al-Mu'minen (AS):

O Allah: I do beseech You for the humbleness of those who humble themselves before You;

and for the sincerity of those possessing certainty;

and for the companionship of the pious ones;

and for the worthiness of the truths of faith;

and for gaining a share of all pious deeds;

and for safety from all sins;

and for the merit of Your mercy;

and for the qualifications of winning Your forgiveness;

and for winning Paradise;

and for salvation from Hellfire.

1- This supplication is quoted from Iqbal al-A`mal 1:446.

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