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Battle of Badr (17TH RAMADAN 2 A.H)

And indeed Allah assisted you at Badr when you were weak, so be careful (to your duty) to Allah so that you may be of the thankful ones. When you said to the believers Does it not suffice you that your Lord should assist you with three thousand angels sent down..﴿ Suratul Aali Imran 3:123 & 124

Place: Badr (80 miles from Medina)

Muslim Army: 313 men, mainly infantry with 2 horses & 70 camels

Kuffar army: 1000 men, mainly riders with 100 horses and 700 camels

Muslim martyrs: 14

Kuffar killed: 72 out of which 36 killed by Imam Ali (A.S)

Battle won by Muslims

The battle of Badr was the first of the great battles of Islam.

When the Prophet heard the news that there was a trade caravan going to Syria from Makka under the leadership of Abu Sufiyan, he sent two men to gather information about it. It was discovered that it was a large caravan in which all the Makkans had shares. The Quraysh had decided to put all their savings into it and use the profits on arms, horses and other items of war to use against the Muslims.

The news was disturbing. The Prophet (peace be upon him and his household) left Medina with 313 men, 2 horses and 70 camels to go to Badr which was a stopping point for the caravans.

The Quraysh had confiscated all the property of all the Muslims who had left Makka for Medina and the Prophet therefore decided to confiscate the property of the caravan in compensation.

Abu Sufyan feared an attack from the Muslims and sent a messenger to Makka telling them of his fears. On receiving the message, an army of 1000 men, 100 horses and 700 camels under the leadership of Abu Jahl left Makka to go to Badr.

Meanwhile Abu Sufyan took a different route back to Makka avoiding Badr. Once he was back in Makka he called Abu Jahl but Abu Jahl was too proud and wanted to crush the Muslims with his large army.

The two armies met at Badr on 17th Ramadan 2 A.H.

In the beginning as per Arab custom, single combat (one to one) took place. The famous Quraysh warriors Utbah, Shayba and Walid came to challenge three 'Ansars' from Medina. The Quraysh refused to fight any of the 'Ansaars', demanding their 'equals' and so the Prophet (peace be upon him and his household) sent Ubayda, Hamza and Imam Ali (A.S). The three Kuffar were killed (Ubayda was hurt). The Quraysh got disturbed and began attacking en masse.

In the thick of the battle, the Prophet prayed to Allah. In Surat-ul Anfal Allah gave the answer:

When you asked for help from your Lord, He answered you. Indeed I will aid you with a thousand of the angels in rows behind rows﴿. Suratul Anfal 8:9

The enemies got frightened and began to retreat. The skill of Imam Ali (A.S), the other Muslim soldiers and the sight of so many angels struck terror in the enemies hearts. 72 Kuffar were killed including their leader Abu Jahl. Imam Ali (A.S) killed 36 of them. 14 Muslims were martyred.

70 prisoners were taken by the Muslims. The prisoners were treated with kindness and some became Muslims. In later days some of the prisoners said: "blessed be the men of Medina, they made us ride whilst they walked, they gave us wheat and bread to eat when there was little of it contenting themselves with plain dates." The rich prisoners paid ransom and were set free. Others were asked to gain their freedom by teaching 10 Muslims to read and write.

The battle of Badr strengthened the faith of the Muslims.

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