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The Quds Day, Imam Khomeini's Heritage

The victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran was a great boost for the Palestinian issue. Regarding Imam Khomeini's universal recommendations as, the revival of religious culture, the negation of hegemonic powers, disrupting the cruel governors on the universal politics, reviving the Islamic traditions like Abrahamic Hajj, undermining the illegitimate existence of Israel, Quds' freedom, defending the liberal movements and the movement toward the divine spirituality and the exalted values. Imam Khomeini was very decisive and determined in the fulfillment of his goals toward Palestine and he delivered his promises even in the first days of Iran's revolution by closing Israel's embassy in Tehran and handing it over to the Palestinians. The announcement of Quds day, as the last Friday of Ramadan month, is promising for new movements to restore the world of Islam's support to its main stream and public that is reliance on religious faith and can be mobilized for the release of Quds.

Imam Khomeini's view to the Middle East's critical issues, especially Palestine, was always along with an intellectual perspective and based on the divine verses, Palestinians' desires and the Muslim's public thoughts. His perspectives were completely different from other Arabic and Western governments' analysis. The spirit of the Islamic revolution leadership has been constantly kept alive in all eras. Referring to all Imam Khomeini's lectures, words, works, and his practical tradition, we can come to conclusion that his leadership responsibility regarding the Palestine's issue is completely distinct from the other tendencies which step forward against the oppressed Palestinians' real desires.

* Hamid Ansari

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