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To Spend Zakat on Islamic Seminarians

Q: Wheat is collected as zakat for Islamic seminaries. People who give it include hashimis and others and so are the students of these schools. If the zakat (wheat) collected for an Islamic seminary is given to non-hashimis teachers and workers of this school as monthly salary and then they sell it (wheat) to the school, could it be consumed by the Islamic seminarians in such a case or not?

A: The Islamic seminarians and their teachers are allowed to take zakat and spend it on their life expenditures if they are in need of it as long as they are studying and teaching. Whosoever is allowed to take zakat, he/she is permitted, after taking possession of it, to sell it. The buyer also can spend what he/she have bought on any area even though it is not an area for which zakat should be spent.

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