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The Trial
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The Trial

Namrud came to the temple because something dangerous had happened. He feared for his throne, so he ordered Ibrahim to be arrested. He ordered him to be tried in the temple.

The judge sat beside Namrud in the temple, which was full of people.

The soldiers brought the young man, Ibrahim. They made him stop before Namrud and the judge.

The trial started with the judge's questions.

The judge asked Ibrahim: "We know that you mock our gods. We also know that you don't celebrate the arrival of spring as the people of Babylon do.

"Now, tell us who has broken our gods. Have you broken them, Ibrahim?"

Ibrahim replied calmly: "No, the biggest one has broken them. Ask it if it can speak."

All the people looked at the biggest of the gods, which was carrying an axe on one of its shoulders. They knew that it did not speak

The judge asked Ibrahim: "You know that the gods cannot speak, and that they cannot answer."

Thus, Ibrahim asked: "So why do you worship what you have made with your own hands?

"Why do you worship idols that do not harm nor avail anyone nor speak nor receive your gifts?"

All the people bowed their heads. The judge also bowed his head. They asked each other: "Ibrahim's right. Gods shouldn't be made of stone. Why do we worship idols that have neither soul nor life?"

The fortunetellers were angry with Ibrahim. They did not want people to follow the right path, for their power would come to an end.

Thus, they shouted: "Don't forgive Ibrahim, for he's destroyed the sacred gods! Don't forgive him, he's destroyed our gods that give us blessings and fertility!"

Namrud supported the fortunetellers. He remembered their previous prophecy: "A person will be born, and he will destroy your kingdom."

Thus, he said with anger: "Ibrahim has committed a crime! Judge you must punish him!"

All the people stood up for Namrud and supported him.

Then Namrud said: "We must protect our sacred gods! We must punish Ibrahim by throwing him into the fire!"

Very few people felt sad for Ibrahim. Among them were Sarah, Ibrahim 's cousin, and Lot.

Sarah was a wise young lady. She believed Ibrahim's words. Lot was also a wise man. He believed in Allah, the One and Only, and the message of our Prophet Ibrahim.

Our Prophet Ibrahim was imprisoned until the people gathered a lot of wood and made a big fire to throw him into it.

At that time Namrud wanted to discuss with Ibrahim about Allah the One and Only.

Ibrahim came to Namrud's palace, He stopped before him. He neither bowed nor prostrated to him.

Our Prophet Ibrahim was afraid of no one except Allah. He worshipped nobody except Allah, the Glorified

Namrud asked Ibrahim "Ibrahim who is the God you worship?

Our Prophet Ibrahim replied: "I worship Allah Who gives life to the dead and brings death the living."

Again with haughtiness Namrud said: "I also enliven people and make them die!"

He clapped his hand and commanded his guards: "Bring me two prisoners, one who has been sentenced to imprisonment and the other has been sentenced to death "

The guards brought him two chained prisoners.

Namrud commanded the swordsman: "Cut off the head of this prisoner. Then release the one who has sentenced to death."

Namrud turned to Ibrahim and asked him: "Did you see what I did. I brought death to the prisoner who was only sentenced to imprisonment and gave life to the one sentenced to death."

Our Prophet Ibrahim refrained from discussing with Namrud on such a matter, for what Namrud had done was incorrect. For this reason he asked him: "I worship my Lord, for He makes the sun rise in the east. Can you make it rise in the west?"

Namrud was astonished at Abraham's question, for no one had asked him such question before.

However, Namrud kept silent. He was unable to answer.

* Translated by: Jasim al-Rasheed

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