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The Migration
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The Migration

After some years, our Prophet Ibrahim married his believing cousin, Sarah.

Sarah was a rich young lady; she owned land and cattle, so she gave everything to her husband Ibrahim.

Our Prophet Ibrahim worked on his farms and grazed cattle. Allah blessed him, so his land bloomed, and his cattle increased.

Our Prophet Ibrahim was generous; he entertained his guests and loved the poor. In this manner, he lived among his people, so he was able to summon them to worship Allah and to refrain from worshipping idols.

The fortunetellers hated our Prophet Ibrahim. Namrud feared for his kingdom. He therefore decided to banish him from Babylon and to confiscate his property, saying it belonged to Babylon.

Our Prophet Ibrahim said to Namrud: "If you want to take my property, then return the years I've spent in this country."

The complaint was submitted to the judge of Babylon. The judge decided that Ibrahim should give all his property to the King of Babylon. In turn the King should return to Ibrahim the years he spent in their land.

So Namrud permitted our Prophet Ibrahim to take his belongings and to emigrate.

On leaving Babylon, our Prophet Ibrahim said: "I'm going to my Lord, Who will guide me."

Ibrahim went to another land. There he summoned people to worship Allah and to refrain from worshipping idols.

* Translated by: Jasim al-Rasheed

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