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The Great Fire
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The Great Fire

The people of Babylon had a lot of oil, tar, and sulfur. They therefore decided to make the greatest fire in their country in order to punish our Prophet Ibrahim, who destroyed their gods.

Thus, they gathered wood outside the city for over a month and poured tar and oil on it.

The day of carrying out the punishment of Ibrahim came, so the people of Babylon went to see his punishment.

Namrud's soldiers brought our Prophet Ibrahim, and then the fortunetellers came and made a great fire. The wood burnt quickly because it had been soaked with oil and tar.

The flames of the fire were tens of meters high.

The people of Babylon retreated so that the fire would not burn them. As for our Prophet Ibrahim, he looked calmly at the fire, for he believed in Allah and was not afraid of anybody or anything except Him.

Ibrahim's hands were tied. The fortunetellers thought that he would be afraid of the fire, and that he would apologize to them for destroying their gods. However, Ibrahim was waiting calmly for his fate.

Then a problem arose, for no one was able to approach that great and furious fire.

The fortunetellers asked each other: "How can we throw Ibrahim into the fire?" So they held a meeting and thought about a way to solve the problem. One of them suggested a satanic idea: "We must put Ibrahim in a catapult."

The fortunetellers drew a picture of the catapult on the ground. The picture was Satanic, for the catapult would be able to throw Ibrahim in the fire from far away.

The workers started building the catapult. Once it was ready, the soldiers brought Ibrahim and put him in it, but he was still very calm.

The people were looking at the young man, Ibrahim. They were astonished at his patience and firmness.

At that critical moment an angel came to Ibrahim and asked him: "Do you need any help?" Namrud's soldiers brought our Prophet Ibrahim, and then the fortunetellers came and made a great fire.

Ibrahim thought of nothing except Allah, the Glorified. He only asked Him for help.

He asked Allah, the Great and Almighty, to fulfill his need when he said to the angel: "I don't need anyone except Allah. I won't ask anybody to meet my need except Him."

Ibrahim was loyal to Allah and believed in Him. So Allah, the Most High, examined his faith and loyalty.

The soldiers drew back the ropes of the catapult. All of a sudden, Ibrahim was flying into the air and moving to the center of that great fire.

As Allah the Glorified, created fire and gave it the ability to bum, He was able to take that ability away from it.

Thus, He, the Glorified, ordered the fire: "O Fire! Be comfort and peace for Ibrahim."

The flames went on roaring but amazingly they did not bum Ibrahim.

The fire did not harm Ibrahim. It only burnt the ropes with which the soldiers had tied him.

The area on which Ibrahim fell became a beautiful garden of flowers, but the fire surrounded the garden.

The flames of the fire went on burning in space, but they were comfort and peace for Ibrahim.

Allah, the Glorified, tested Ibrahim. He knew his loyalty. So He honored him, saved him from the fire, and supported him against his enemies.

Namrud waited for the fire to die out. He wanted to know the fate of Ibrahim in order to celebrate his victory over him.

The fire was very great, so it went on burning for days and nights. Then it gradually abated and died out.

Namrud went to the fire to see what had happened to Ibrahim. He wanted to know whether Ibrahim had turned into ashes or not

Namrud and the people of Babylon were astonished at seeing Ibrahim alive. They understood that the Lord of Ibrahim was Powerful, Great, and Almighty. So they left Ibrahim to lead a peaceful life.

* Translated by: Jasim al-Rasheed

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