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The Final Test

Our Prophet Ibrahim and his son Isma'il performed the hajj. When our Prophet Ibrahim was running between the al-Safa and al-Marwa Mountains, he remembered the sufferings of his wife Hajir, who was running between the two mountains looking for water for her baby Isma'il He also remembered how water miraculously gushed out from the ground for his son.

When he remembered all those sufferings, be felt sad. Besides, he remembered the dream he saw a few days ago. He saw himself slaying his son and offering him as sacrifice to Allah, the Glorified.

As the dreams of Prophets were true, Ibrahim decided to sacrifice his son Isma'il to be a clear proof for his strong faith in Allah.

However, was Isma'il ready to sacrifice himself for Allah? This made our Prophet Ibrahim sad. When Isma'il saw his father sad, he asked him: "Father, why are you sad?"

Ibrahim turned to his obedient, pious, and good son, and said to him: "I'm sad because I saw in a dream that I behead you. You know the meaning of that. "

"Do you want to slay me?" asked Isma'il

"Yes," replied Ibrahim.

Ibrahim had no time to think, for Allah had ordered him to sacrifice his son Isma'il.

Allah, the Glorified, wanted to test Ibrahim again. He wanted to know the extent of Ibrahim's loyalty and submission to Him.

The believing young man Isma'il said: "Father, do it. As long as Allah wants it, I'll bear the pain of being slain."

Our Prophet Ibrahim loved his son Isma'il very much. However, he loved Allah even more.

He loved his obedient, believing son Isma'il. However, believed Allah even more.

Our Prophet Ibrahim kissed his son Isma'il. He had prepared a knife. Isma'il submitted to Allah's orders. He was so brave that he was ready to sacrifice himself for Allah. Only one thing worried Isma'il. He thought that the pain of being slain would make him struggle and resist. He thought that such struggle and resistance would hurt his father, who was an old man with a kind heart.

Thus, Isma'il said to his father: "Father, tie my hands and legs strongly! Slay me quickly!"

Our Prophet Ibrahim wept for his son. He kissed him as if to say the final farewell to him.

Isma'il was ready to be killed at that moment. Our Prophet Ibrahim held the knife. Isma'il raked his head towards the sky, so his white neck appeared in the rays of the sun. At that critical moment, a wonderful thing happened

Ibrahim heard a heavenly call saying: "Ibrahim, your dream was true. Allah orders you to slay a ram instead of Isma'il."

Our Prophet Ibrahim saw the ram descending from the mountain.

He sacrificed the ram. Then he and his son Isma'il completed the hajj.

It was our Prophet Ibrahim who taught us to do all these things. He also taught us to believe in the Oneness of Allah.

Now, Jews, Christians, and Muslims believe in Allah. This is one of the favors of our Prophet Ibrahim. Allah, the Glorified, chose our Prophet Ibrahim as a Prophet, messenger, and an Imam. Our Prophet Moses (AS) was from the progeny of Is'haq, son of Ibrahim (AS). Our Prophet Isa (Jesus Christ), son of Mary (AS) was from the progeny of Is'haq (AS). Our Prophet Mohammed (pbuh&hh) was from the progeny of Isma'il, son of Ibrahim. The Imams, from the members of the House (ahl al-Bayt), also belonged to the progeny of Isma'il, (AS).

For this reason we sometimes say: "O Allah bless Mohammed and the family of Mohammed as YOU blessed Ibrahim and the family of Ibrahim. Surely Your Praised, Glorious."

* Translated by: Jasim al-Rasheed

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