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All the people worshipped idols, the stars, the sun, and the moon. They also worshipped Namrud, the King. Thus, our Prophet Ibrahim thought of a way to guide them to worship Allah, the One and Only.

Spring came, so flowers opened, and the river was full of water.

People rejoiced at spring; they celebrated the arrival of spring, fertility, and growth.

At that time people went outside the city to hold their celebrations. They ate, danced, and played. Then they returned to the city to give gifts to their gods and fortune-tellers.

When people got ready to go outside the city, our Prophet Ibrahim did not go with them, so they asked him: "Ibrahim, why do you not go with us?"

"I'm ill," replied our Prophet Ibrahim.

Our Prophet Ibrahim was sad for his people, for they did not know the right path.

Our Prophet Ibrahim was different from his people, for his clothes were clean, and he cut his nails and hair.

All the people, including Namrud and the fortune-tellers, went outside the city to celebrate spring.

Our Prophet Ibrahim stayed in the city. He took an axe and went to the great temple. There were many idols in the temple. Some of them were small; some were big

There was a very big idol. People called the idol Mardukh, the God of Gods.

The temple was completely empty when our Prophet Ibrahim entered it. There was nothing inside it except idols and the bad smell of blood and meat.

Our Prophet Ibrahim looked at idols, and then he asked himself: "Why do my people worship idols that do not help them?"

The idols were motionless at their places. They did not move or speak or do anything.

Our Prophet Ibrahim asked the idols angrily: "Why don't you eat?"

There was no answer except his words that echoed in the empty temple.

Our Prophet Ibrahim wanted to destroy the idols to show the people that their idols were mere stones.

So he drew his axe and began destroying the faces of the idol gods, and then he broke the idols into pieces.

When he reached the biggest of the gods, he did not destroy it. He only hung his axe on its shoulder and left the temple.

He looked at the sky and saw white pigeons flying peacefully in the sky.

When the spring celebrations had ended, the people of Babylon came back to the city.

The dark night had covered the city, so it was time for the people to give their gods gifts.

They went to the Great Temple in a long procession carrying torches, and gifts.

The fortune-tellers led the procession.

The fortune-tellers and the people were astonished to see their gods destroyed.

The gods had been broken into pieces. All the gods had become ruins except the biggest one.

The biggest of the gods had been motionless in its place for many years. However, it now carried an axe on one of its shoulders.

No one walked towards the biggest of the gods to ask it what had happened.

The biggest of the gods was also silent as usual, for it was a mere stone.

Noise broke out when the fortune-tellers asked each other: "Who has destroyed our sacred gods?"

One of them answered: "I always hear a young man called Ibrahim mock the gods. He says that they are useless. So I think that he has broken them." Accordingly, the fortune-tellers were very angry with Ibrahim.

* Translated by: Jasim al-Rasheed

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