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Allah, the Exalted, did not give Ibrahim a child. As Sarah, Ibrahim's wife, was a barren woman, she decided to give her slave girl to Ibrahim to marry and to bear him children.

Our Prophet Ibrahim was seventy years of age; nevertheless he married Hajir, and she bore him Isma'il.

Allah, the Most High, ordered our Prophet Ibrahim to take Hajir and Isma'il to the land of Hijaz (Saudi Arabia).

Our Prophet Ibrahim obeyed Allah's order. He took his wife Hajir and Isma'il and headed for the south.

He traveled barren, wide deserts. He always looked at the sky, but the angel told him that he had not reached the land of Hijaz yet.

After many long days and nights, our Prophet Ibrahim arrived in a barren land.

The land was a dry valley. It had neither trees nor water. It was full of sand and stones. Waste mountains surrounded the valley.

The angel came down to our Prophet Ibrahim and said to him: "You have arrived in the Sacred Land. You should leave Hajir and Isma'il here. Return to Palestine."

Our Prophet Ibrahim knew nothing except obedience to Allah. The sight of Hajir and Isma'il all alone in that wild place was moving.

Ibrahim saw off his wife. Then he kissed his baby Isma'il and went away.

Hajir asked her husband: "Why do you leave us in this wild place?"

Our Prophet Ibrahim answered with sadness "Surely, Allah has ordered me to do this."

Hajir believed in Allah and the message of her husband, so she said in confidence: "As Allah has ordered you to do this, He will not forget us!"

Our Prophet Ibrahim went away. He went back to Palestine. As for Hajir and her baby Isma'il they were alone in that wild valley'.

* Translated by: Jasim al-Rasheed

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