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Our Prophet Ibrahim became an old man, and his wife Sarah became an old woman.

Our Prophet Ibrahim did not have food for himself. As he loved guests, he served them himself and offered them delicious food.

One day three guests came to Ibrahim and greeted him politely.

Our Prophet Ibrahim went quickly to his cattle and brought back a fat ram. He slaughtered the ram and made a good meal for his guests. Now, a wonderful thing happened. Our Prophet Ibrahim saw that his guests did not eat the food.

When the guests understood that our Prophet Ibrahim became worried, they said to him: "Ibrahim, don't worry. We are Allah's messengers to the land of Sadum. We are His angels. He has sent us to punish the people of Sadum."

Our Prophet Ibrahim felt tranquility. However, he thought about the fate of the people of Sadum. So be disputed with the angels, saying: "Lot is in the land of Sadum.

The angels explained: "We know the people of Sadum. Allah has ordered us to destroy this village and its people, except Lot and his daughters."

Our Prophet Ibrahim wanted to guide his people to the right path, so he asked the angels to delay their punishment, but they insisted on carrying out Allah's order, for they were His messengers.

The people of Sadum were unbelievers and behaved badly. They attacked travelers and they hurt their Prophet, Lot (A.S.).

Therefore, the angels said to Ibrahim: "Ibrahim, turn away from this. The order of your Lord has come.

Our Prophet Ibrahim asked himself. "Why have the angels come here?"

The angels gave good news to our Prophet Ibrahim. They said to him: "Your old wife, Sarah, will bear you a son."

Sarah heard the good news of the angels, so she wondered at that and said: "Shall I bear a son when I am such an old woman and when my husband is such an old man? Most surely this is a wonderful thing."

The angel said: "Do you wonder at Allah's order? The mercy of Allah and His blessings are on you, O people of the house. Surely He is Praised, Glorious."

Sarah and our Prophet Ibrahim rejoiced at the good news of the angels. However, our Prophet Ibrahim was sad for the people of Lot. He wanted to turn away Allah's wrath from them, but the angels told him that Allah's wrath would befall them, for they were bad and stubborn people. Moreover, they hurt their Prophet Lot.

The angels left the house of our Prophet Ibrahim and went away to carry out their task in the land of Sadum.

* Translated by: Jasim al-Rasheed

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