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Our Prophet Ibrahim, his wife Sarah, and Lot arrived in the kingdom of the Egyptians.

Our Prophet Ibrahim had to pay 10% of his property to the King of Egypt. After paying this, al-Ashir, permitted him to enter Egypt.

Al-Ashir saw the beauty of Sarah and wanted to take her to the King.

Our Prophet Ibrahim was angry at al-Ashir, so he said to him: "I'll give you all my belongings but I won't allow you to take Sarah."

Our Prophet Ibrahim said to Al-Ashir: "I'll fight against you in order to protect my wife!"

Al-Ashir informed the King of Egypt of this.

Therefore, the King of Egypt summoned Sarah and Ibrahim.

When the King of Egypt saw Sarah, he wanted to touch her.

Our Prophet Ibrahim was alone and very sad at this.

He turned his face away in order that he would not see someone touching his wife.

Our Prophet Ibrahim asked Allah to protect Sarah from the wicked King. Allah, the Glorified accepted his prayer. He supported His Prophet Ibrahim and paralyzed the King's hand.

The King of Egypt was unable to touch Sarah. He knew that the Lord of Ibrahim prevented him from doing that. Thus, he asked Ibrahim: "Has your Lord prevented me from doing this?"

Ibrahim replied: "Yes. Indeed my Lord is Merciful."

The King of Egypt explained: "Your Lord is Merciful. You are also merciful, so ask your lord to heal my hand, and I'll never do anything like that again.

Our Prophet Ibrahim asked Allah to heal the King's hand and He, the Glorified, healed his hand.

The King of Egypt looked at Ibrahim and his wife with respect, and then he gave Sarah a young lady to serve her. The young lady's name was Hajir.

* Translated by: Jasim al-Rasheed

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