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Building The House
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Building The House

Our Prophet Ibrahim went to the land of Hijaz to visit his son Isma'il.

Isma'il was a young man now, and he lived with the Arab tribe of Juhrum in the land of Hijaz. There our Prophet Ibrahim and Isma'il built the Sacred House of Allah to be the mark of Allah's Oneness in the world.

Thus, the Kaaba was the first house to be built for people according to Allah's order. In it there are clear signs such as the standing place of Ibrahim. Whoever enters it is safe.

Our Prophet Ibrahim and Isma'il finished building the House, and then they said: "Our Lord, accept (this) from us. Surely, You are the Most Hearing, the Most Knowledgeable."

Allah, the Most High, chose a barren land for building His House.

When the House had been built, Allah, the Glorified, sent the Black Stone from the heavenly garden to the Kaaba, which has been the symbol of Allah's oneness since then.

* Translated by: Jasim al-Rasheed

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