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Azar was an astrologer. He made idols that represented different gods. Namrud himself consulted him.

Our Prophet Ibrahim lived in Azar's house, for Azar was his uncle. For this reason, our Prophet Ibrahim called Azar: "My father."

When Ibrahim grew up into a young man, Allah, the Glorified, blessed him with great intelligence. As he had a clean and pure heart, he did not believe in idols nor did he prostrate himself to them. He was amazed to find the people worshipping the very idols that they had made with their own hands! He knew that Allah was greater than those idols.

When it got dark, Ibrahim went to the city to look for the truth.

There was light only in the temple. The people who worshipped Venus looked at the sky humbly. They thought that Venus was their god, and that it supplied them with their livelihood and gave them blessings.

Ibrahim stood up with them looking at the sky. He was looking for the truth. He was searching for the true Creator of the world. In the meantime, the moon shone. It appeared in the sky sending its silvery light.

Our Prophet Ibrahim was a wise young man. He wanted the people to correct their corrupt beliefs. He wanted to say to them that Allah was greater than their idols. Therefore, he said to them: "The moon is my lord!

The people who worshipped Venus turned to him and asked him: "Why have you chosen the moon as your lord?"

Ibrahim answered: "Venus has set, so it is not a true god; the true god should not set!"

Time passed, and the moon passed through the sky until it disappeared.

After an hour, the sun shone, so Ibrahim said: "That is my lord! That is greater!"

Some people believed in Ibrahim's words when they said to each other: "Perhaps, he is right because the sun gives us light and warmth only."

When the sunset and it got dark, Ibrahim looked at the sky and said: "I am going to refrain from worshipping the sun, for it sets and the true god should not set! Now, I am going to worship Allah, Who has created Venus, the moon, the sun, the earth, and all of us."

* Translated by: Jasim al-Rasheed

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