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The Birth Of Prophet Ibrahim

One day the fortunetellers of the temple came to Namrud and said to him: "The stars have told us that a baby boy will be born. He will end your kingdom."

Namrud asked with anxiety: "When will he be born?"

The fortunetellers replied: "He will be born in this year."

In that year Namrud ordered all the male babies to be killed.

Our Prophet Ibrahim, Allah's friend, was born in that year.

His mother feared for his safety, so she took him and went to a cave. She put him in the cave and went home.

No one knew what had happened. Namrud killed many male babies in that year. The mothers wept over their babies. Some babies were only a few months old; some were only a few days old; some were only a few hours old.

Namrud was afraid of the foretold baby. The year passed, so Namrud became calm, for he had killed all the male babies.

Our Prophet Ibrahim was born in the city of Kawthariya, near Urr and Babylon. He grew up in the cave.

Allah, our Lord took care of him. He taught him how to suckle his fingers in order to survive.

Namrud wanted to kill Ibrahim, but Allah wanted him to live. Allah wanted Ibrahim to guide the pagan people so that they would worship Him.

Ibrahim grew up in the cave. One day his mother came to the cave. She embraced, kissed, and took him home. The soldiers of Namrud thought that Ibrahim was two or three years old. They did not realize that he was only a few weeks old, so did not take him away.

* Translated by: Jasim al-Rasheed

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