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The Response to the Invitation of Allah
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The Response to the Invitation of Allah

Repeated Labbayks (answering God's call for hajj) is genuine when one responds to the invitation of Allah and the comprehensive Name. The question is the question of presence at the threshold and observation of the beauty of the Beloved. The speaker appears to have been enraptured by this beauty and repeats the response to the invitation followed by negation of any partner in its absolute sense. This station is disclosed to the men of God; they do not mean association in divinity alone.

Although negation of associate in divinity covers all stages to the annihilation of the world in the sight of men of letters and includes all "precautionary" and "recommended" cases such as" alhamdu laka wan-ni`matu laka" and "praise" attributes to the sacred essence, as well as his blessing and denial of partner. This state in the sight of the men of knowledge is the ultimate in appreciation of tawhid (unity). It means that any praise and any blessing in the world of existence are the praise of God and blessing of God without partner. This sublime destination flows in any mawqif, mash`ar, wuqouf, movement, pause (sukoun) and action. Moving against this current is shirking (polytheism) in its general term and we the blind-hearted are afflicting by. Let us leave this point untold.

* Sahifeh, vol 19, P. 20

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