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The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth

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Who was Salman?

How did he believe in Islam?

His name was Roozbah. It means "Happy". He was born at a village in Isfahan. His father was the head of the village. He was a rich man.

At that time, the Persian people worshipped fire because it was the symbol of light. So, fire was sacred to them. Thus, they had temples where fire was made to blaze forever. And there were holy men. They continued its burning day and night.

When Roozbah grew up, his father wanted him to be of great importance. So, he asked him to manage the temple and to go on burning the fire.
Roozbah thought about fire. He refused it as a god, for man takes care of it so as not to put out.

One day, the young man roamed through the distant green fields. In the distance, he saw a pretty building. He headed for it.

The building was a church. The church was built by some monks to worship Allah.
At that time, Christianity was Allah's real religion. The young man talked with the monks. The love of Allah's religion entered his heart. He asked them:

Where's the religion from?

It's from Shaam.

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