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Salman took part in the battles of Persia. He was in the advance of the fighters. And he was fighting bravely.

Saad bin Abi-Wakkas was the leader of the campaign against al-Madain. Salman was beside him. He crossed the river with his horse.

Salman was a translator between the Muslims and the Persian people. Thus the city surrendered without shedding blood.

Caliph Umar bin al-Khattab appointed him ruler over al-Madain. He was a model for the just, Muslim ruler.

His salary was five thousand Dirhams. But he divided them all among the poor.

He lived a simple life. He bought palm-leaves by a Dirham. He made baskets and sold them for three Dirhams. He spent a Dirham on his family, gave a Dirham to the poor, and saved the third Dirham to buy palm-leaves.

His clothing were simple. When the travelers and the strangers saw him, they regarded him as a poor man from al-Madain.

One day, while Salman was walking in the market, a traveler ordered him to carry his baggage.

Salman carried the baggage and began walking after the man.

In the street, the people were greeting Salman respectfully. The traveler wondered and asked the people around him:

Who's that poor man?

They answered:

He's Salman al-Mohammadi, the companion of Allah's Apostle (pbuh&hh), and the Emir of al-Madain.

The traveler was surprised. He apologized to Salman and asked him to put down the baggage.

Salman refused that and said:

Till I see you off.

The traveler felt sorry and knew that Salman was Allah's supporter

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